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Are these the top 5 technologies of future? President and Global CIO, HGS thinks so

Nat Radhakrishnan, President and Global CIO, HGS

Natarajan Radhakrishnan

Article originally published on Techgig
An interview with Sukriti Yaduwanshi

In this unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, one of the top priorities for the organisation was to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees and business continuity and to achieve this they had to switch to the remote working model which they pulled off quite successfully.

To talk about the digital era and it’s accessibility, we interviewed Natarajan Radhakrishnan, President and Global CIO, from HGS. Natarajan talks about the 3A strategies, digital evolution of customer services, future technologies and Gig Economy. Read on to know the details.


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