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AI and DEI: Balancing advancement and biases

Shilpa Sinha Harsh, Senior Vice President – Global Corporate Communications, CSR and DEI, HGS

Shilpa Sinha Harsh

Embracing the captivating potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the realm of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is like embarking on a thrilling adventure that reshapes workplaces globally. Picture a complex tapestry, where promising advancements and challenges dance together in a dynamic narrative. From unbiased recruitment processes to data-driven decision-making, AI unfolds as the protagonist in a story of innovation that could propel organisations towards environments teeming with inclusivity. Yet, within this promising tale lies a delicate balance, where the algorithms guiding these advancements may inadvertently become the antagonists, perpetuating biases. Moreover, the lack of diversity within tech development teams adds a layer of complexity, posing challenges in recognising and addressing potential pitfalls. Let’s discuss the dual facets of AI in DEI, shedding light on the nuanced interplay between its positive contributions and the challenges that demand careful navigation.

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