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6 Ways intelligent automation is transforming the customer service industry

Sohaib Ahmed, Senior Director of CX Program Strategy at HGS, discusses the creative ways businesses can embrace intelligent automation to revolutionize their customer service.

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Article originally published on CustomerThink

Today’s world has become accustomed to everything being just one click away – including customer service. Customers are no longer used to waiting around for anything and can seek assistance through one of the many smart devices available on the market to cut back on time they think may be wasted waiting. This change has given rise to the likes of personalized requests and bespoke services, resulting in a huge influx of business.

When a business grows, several aspects within the various departments of a company undergo changes and the customer support or service team is no exception. In this era of cutthroat competition, prompt and seamless customer support can help a business stay ahead of its competitors. This is why contact centers, call centers, and customer service teams of several large and small companies are resorting to intelligent automation systems.


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