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3 Areas where good chatbot design can strengthen customer relationships

Jamie Kennedy, Director of Digital Strategy and Customer Experience Solutions of HGS, discusses how organizations can implement chatbots to revolutionize CX.

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Article originally published on Destination CRM

As companies work to improve their customer care and experience solutions, it’s more important than ever that they respect and value their customers’ time. Research consistently finds that long wait times and unresolved issues during care-center and help-desk encounters are among consumers’ top pet peeves. At a time when more people report feeling stressed out, and pressed for time, companies that streamline their customer-service interactions will benefit from stronger customer relationships and brand loyalty.

In the world of CX, every second counts. The longer it takes for a company to resolve a customer issue, the more critical the situation can become. A protracted wait time, delayed response, or mis-routed inquiry can escalate quickly, causing a customer to feel helpless, anxious, angry, or frustrated and, in some cases, to turn away from the brand. In nearly all industries, losing a customer this way can be costly, especially if it is preventable.

For this reason, customer-facing organizations seeking to boost their CX game must focus on reducing the time it takes to resolve issues while helping customers feel “in control” of their brand interactions. Much of this can be accomplished using self-service tools. But such solutions must also be designed to appropriately escalate issues to human agents before they reach a tipping point.


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