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HGS launches new contact center analytics platform


CHICAGO – Oct. 8, 2020 — Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) (listed in BSE & NSE), a global leader in business process management (BPM) and customer experience solutions, today announced the launch of HGS PULSE, a new contact center analytics platform that provides business performance and customer insights using near real-time data. With access to predictive analytics and real-time information, contact center leaders can act proactively by predicting customer churn and loyalty, as well as better manage their workforce by tracking customer demand.

“HGS PULSE brings together disparate data sources into one single, accurate view of operations and customer insights,” said Venkatesh Korla, CEO of HGS Digital. “This results in a 40 percent increase in customer reporting efficiency. Reports that initially took weeks to compile are now generated digitally, in real time with no manual intervention, freeing teams to spend more time analyzing and culling insights.”

The platform uses predictive analytics and decodes the voice of the customer using artificial intelligence to pinpoint why customers are interacting with a brand, and predict which customers need additional support, resources, or escalated issue resolution. For example, if a financial services company needs to know how many customers are impacted by COVID-19 and need proactive help, they can easily do so with HGS PULSE.

Key HGS PULSE benefits include:

  • Improved visibility into business metrics – HGS PULSE integrates data from multiple platforms to create a holistic view; enabling root-cause analysis with drill-down features that offer better insights into what customers are saying. The self-service, near real-time updates allow companies to adapt faster to market behavior and deliver a better customer experience.
  • Reduced operational cost – By eliminating manual reporting – and tens of thousands of spreadsheets – HGS PULSE saves tremendous time and resources by integrating data from multiple sources housing customer interaction information. The platform improves efficiency by enabling companies to make decisions by using cross-system data without needing multiple specialized software packages. HGS PULSE also features workforce management capabilities, enabling contact center managers to better allocate human resources to address customer demand.
  • Better partner relationships – HGS PULSE focuses on decision-making strategy, rather than report creation. There is easy access of account data in a single portal platform, facilitating greater transparency and better client-vendor and cross-departmental communications. HGS brings decades of experience in helping organizations provide superior customer experience, and the HGS PULSE platform adds a data-driven layer to provide more actionable insights and deliver more value.

“HGS PULSE provides clients with a comprehensive view of their customer and their contact center operations. The insights generated from HGS PULSE will help to improve the customer satisfaction and reduce the operational cost,” said Yasim Kolathayil, Vice President of Data and Analytics, HGS Digital. “We have more than 250 common omni-channel KPIs integrated into HGS PULSE and the platform is used by 25 clients in N. America. The platform has automated more than 500 manual reports and has saved more than 200,000 manual hours for HGS.”

HGS PULSE is available free of charge to all HGS customers, offering base operational performance, quality insights, and workforce management analytics. Enhanced versions add advanced customer, sales, social media, and voice of customer, and predictive analytics.

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