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HGS, Global Leader in Business Process Management,
is Hiring 250 Remote Employees in Montreal and Quebec City

Renowned in the customer service sector, the international company is establishing itself in Quebec as it continues to grow

MONTREAL – May 25, 2021 – Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) announced today that it is looking to hire up to 250 remote customer service representatives in Quebec to support the ongoing growth of its Canadian entity. Global leader in business process management and optimizing the customer experience lifecycle, HGS will be offering local expertise to Quebec companies who want to stand out in the area of customer service, a sector HGS has been excelling in for over 40 years.

In Canada, HGS has had customer service representatives working from home for over 10 years now, using a platform developed exclusively for the needs of their main business clients, which include several Canadian companies specialized in telecommunications and different Crown corporations that want to increase customer loyalty by offering familiar voices over the phone.

“We are delighted to be able to offer this option for the first time in Quebec and are excited to have these new talented individuals join our North American team. Speaking as a proud Quebecer and having worked in the industry for over 15 years, I know the importance of local talent. Hearing a familiar voice on the other end of the phone makes a world of difference to the customer. The application process for these new positions is completely virtual (an undeniable advantage in pandemic times), from the beginning to the very last interview. The HGS work-from-home program is designed to make employment more accessible to people living in rural communities, as well as parents, employees with mobility issues and anyone looking to reduce their commute times,” said Steven Belham, Director of Client Services for HGS.

The advantages of remote work coupled with competitive salaries and benefits
On top of enjoying the benefits of working from home, HGS employees are considered full-time, permanent employees, rather than independent subcontractors, meaning that they receive competitive salaries and benefits, including health, vision and dental insurance, as well as paid training and bonus and incentive opportunities.

In addition to being one of the strongest trends in the current job market (remote working), the HGS model makes working from home accessible, affordable and easy, as the company provides the computer and equipment, as well as video-enabled training and support. Work from home employees simply need to have a high-speed internet connection and private office space.

Krissy, an HGS employee for over 10 years, shares her experience after moving to a work-from-home role in March 2020. “Joining HGS Canada has been, without a doubt, one of the best professional experiences of my life! The ability to work from home has meant a lot for me and my family. I save a lot of money, especially not having to commute to work. But the most gratifying thing about my job is the number of new skills I have learned since I started at HGS. The training and Zoom interactions have been amazing. It’s a fast-paced environment, but also very rewarding.”

In addition to the 250 frontline workers, HGS is looking to fill management positions, including a new Human Resources Manager, who will be responsible for managing and coordinating employees for the continual growth of the company in Quebec.

HGS, at the service of Quebec companies with its unparalleled local expertise
HGS is able to offer its clients access to a team of talented individuals with specific skills and an in-depth knowledge of the Quebec market, thanks to its work-from-home model.

Ross Duff, Senior Vice President of Operations at HGS, said, “This past year has been difficult for everyone. With that said, we are extremely proud that we have been able to keep our employees safe and sound by swiftly and effectively adapting our operations and work methods. Throughout this unprecedented time, HGS has retained the trust of its clients and now we’re searching for new talent to grow with us. Given its economic vitality and skilled workforce, Quebec is the ideal place for these new job opportunities.”

Fast and easy online applications
To join the HGS team as a remote customer service representative, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Bilingual French/English
  • Solution-focused – able to troubleshoot quickly to provide the right answers
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Skilled in time management – self-disciplined and self-motivated
  • Have a positive and empathetic attitude
  • Committed to customer care excellence, complying with the highest standards
  • Have a strong knowledge of communication technology

Individuals interested in applying are invited to visit the website for further details. Sophie, the HGS automated Hiring Assistant, is standing by to help applicants (in English or French) throughout the entire application process.

About Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS)
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