Podcast – CX Champions | Season 4 – Episode 4

Empowering Customer Choice with Micah Sampson, Head of Customer Experience at Intuit

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Episode summary

This episode features an interview with Micah Sampson, Head of Customer Experience at Intuit, a powerhouse in the FinTech space with sub brands like TurboTax and QuickBooks and Credit Karma that drives revenue close to $30 billion annually. In his role at Intuit, Micah spearheads customer experience management, investing time working directly with product managers, developers and partners to identify and solve customer problems, optimize business processes, and foster customer loyalty and retention. His team is truly customer obsessed. Their mission is clear: constantly improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn and drive revenue growth for Intuit’s formidable portfolio of brands. So in this episode, Micah and host Larry Fleischman discuss setting a high standard for CX across multiple brands, getting employees to take extreme ownership of the customer experience across the company, and empowering customer choice through AI, data and technology.

About the guest

Micah Sampson is Head of Customer Experience at Intuit. He has been with the company for over 13 years, having started in October 2010 as a Sales and Support Rep. Prior to Intuit, Micah served as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch and A.G. Edward & Sons. He has also been a Project Manager at Market Central.

Key quotes

*”One of the things that we talk about at Intuit is extreme ownership. It’s no one person’s role to ramp for peak season. It’s all of us. It’s all of our job to make sure that the voice of the customer – the things we’re hearing feedback from the call centers, feedback from the product surveys – it’s all of our job to collate that and share that back to the business so we can get better every year.”

*”Saying, ‘We need to delight our customers.,’ I hate the word delight. And the reason I hate that word is because it’s very subjective, right? Delight for me may be different from delight for you. And so you can’t solve for that.”

*”There were agents who were very technical and could solve for the customer, but they weren’t very empathetic. And while they would have short call times and probably solve for the customers, their CSAT scores were very low. Versus an expert who maybe is not the best technically, but talks to every single customer like they’re their neighbor and would perform extremely well.”

*”The only commodity that we can never get back is time. And so if we waste your time, we’re taking away a commodity that you can never get back. And so we really focus on effort. What’s the level of effort that our customers feel they have to go through when they’re interacting with the product, when they’re interacting with an agent, all those things?”

*”It’s up to the customer. I think that is one of the things that we often lose sight of. So I think for us, it’s about choice, right? It’s really like, what are our customers saying? What’s important to them? And how do we serve the needs of all those customers?”

Time stamps

[0:55] Meet Micah Sampson, Head of Customer Experience at Intuit

[2:18] How did Micah’s background as a financial advisor shape how he thinks about CX?

[3:01] What patents did Micah work on to improve the CX at Intuit?

[10:57] About Micah’s career path at Intuit

[11:30] What are the challenges to leading CX at Intuit?

[15:23] What are the benefits to having multiple sub brands?

[18:51] How does Micah think about CX?

[21:49] What has Micah learned about CX along the way?

[24:43] How much of the customer experience is automated at Intuit?

[26:36] What does the future of CX look like at Intuit?

[28:14] How does Micah’s experience as a Six Sigma Black Belt shape his approach to CX?

[31:36] What’s an amazing customer experience that Micah has had personally?

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