Podcast – CX Champions | Season 4 – Episode 2

Prioritizing CX Over Profit

A conversation with Pink Zebra Moving CEO Ron Holt

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Episode summary

This episode features an interview with award-winning CX leader Ron Holt, Founder of Pink Zebra Moving, the first happy moving company. Ron started Pink Zebra in 2020, and is the former CEO & Founder of Two Maids & A Mop, where he served for nearly 19 years. He specializes in franchise development, management, sales & marketing, and leadership. Ron and host Larry Fleischman discuss seizing an opportunity in the market, listening to the customer, and creating a truly remarkable experience.

About the guest

Ron Holt is the Founder of Pink Zebra Moving, having started the company in 2020. He is the former CEO & Founder of Two Maids & A Mop, where he served for nearly 19 years. His specialties are franchise development, management, sales & marketing, and leadership. Ron has been ranked 6th in the 2017 Bulldog 100 Fastest Growing Companies, named by Entrepreneur Magazine as the 11th Top New Franchise in America in 2018, won the 2019 UGA Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, and recognized many other times for his outstanding entrepreneurship.

Key quotes

“Sometimes I would lose competitive bid situations to folks who didn’t have near the grit that I have. But the consumer made their choice. And so, there was a moment of reflection during those early years of where I had to really think differently about how I was going to grow the business. Obviously, hard work is always going to be a part of that recipe, but there has to be something else. At the end of the day, it’s all about the consumer. What do they want?”

“Most businesses, even today, don’t understand that their business has to be unique and different. It has to be remarkable and memorable.”

Time stamps

[1:56] Introducing Ron Holt, CEO of Pink Zebra Moving

[3:11] The journey of Ron Holt

[5:22] How did Ron address the challenges of starting a new business?

[7:21] How did Ron start Two Maids and a Mop?

[16:44] The birth of Pink Zebra

[20:59] How Pink Zebra offers a remarkable moving experience

[21:29] How does Pink Zebra make moving fun?

[22:45] The importance of customer engagement in the moving industry

[23:56] Scaling personalization in the moving industry

[30:03] The surprise box: A unique Pink Zebra offering

[38:00] The future of Pink Zebra and the moving industry

[39:38] The measure of success for Pink Zebra

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