Podcast – CX Champions | Season 3 – Episode 6

Designing the Blueprint for Lifelong Customers with Sarah Diegnan

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Episode summary

This episode features an interview with Sarah Diegnan, VP of Customer Experience at ChartHop, a dynamic, visual, and actionable people analytics platform that helps companies manage and support their employees. Sarah leads ChartHop’s customer journey, partnering with customers from the first moments of onboarding through successful execution of all account goals to make sure customers get the most out of ChartHop. With a background in structural engineering, Sarah’s career has taken her from building cathedrals to building customer relationships. And in this episode, she discusses how to systematically design the customer journey, and how she drives value from day one, and how she creates that stickiness factor to get customers hooked on the ChartHop brand.

About the guest

Sarah Diegnan is the VP of Customer Experience at ChartHop. Sarah has over 10 years of experience in customer success and operations, having served in various leadership roles at companies such as Acuity Brands, Opower, and Adura Technologies. She is a results-oriented leader with a proven track record of building and scaling successful customer success organizations. She is passionate about driving value for customers and helping them achieve their goals.

Key quotes

*”You really have to think through: Who are my customers? What are they buying? Why do they need us? Why do they use us? I think sometimes we get caught in a little bit of a trap because we are the ones that have to define what value means for our product.”

*”At the end of the day, your customer journey is truly project management. I mean, it’s customer management at that point. And so how I’ve always thought about customer journey in a lot of ways is, you’re building a building, Like you start by digging the ground and building the foundation. And in a lot of ways, that’s not the most attractive part of the building. But if you don’t have a strong foundation, you don’t have anything. And so that’s what I always compare to your onboarding and your implementation. And so I do think there is correlation between building a building and the customer journey.”

*”I feel really strongly that the best experience that we can provide to our customers is the one that is rooted in process, and everyone follows the same process. And that’s not to say that we treat everyone like a number. Every customer is gonna have their own unique style. Every customer is going to have their own unique use cases and challenges. And I welcome all of that. I want that. But the foundation has to be the same.“

Time stamps

[0:52] Introducing Sarah Diegnan, VP of Customer Experience at ChartHop

[4:02] How Sarah started as a structural engineer, designing a cathedral

[9:47] Sarah’s “reckoning” where she pivoted to Customer Experience

[13:35] About Sarah’s journey to Opower

[24:33] How does Sarah apply her expertise to CX at ChartHop today?

[29:34] How does ChartHop use KPIs and metrics to tune into CX?

[35:09] How has Sarah navigated CX challenges at ChartHop?

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