Podcast – CX Champions | Season 3 – Episode 4

Sarah Owen: Revolutionizing Claims Payments at One Inc.

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Episode summary

This episode features an interview with Sarah Owen, Chief Product Officer at One Inc, the leading digital payments network in the insurance industry. Sarah joined One Inc. in 2021, and brings with her deep payments knowledge. She has more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles at First Data, Heartland Payment Systems, Vantiv, and TSYS. Sarah is also an inventor, having patented and served as co-inventor on several mobile and digital payments solutions. In other words, she’s a true payments expert. And in this episode, we’re learning from her about making a better product by putting customers front and center, identifying the moments that matter in your customer’s journey, and how One Inc. is at the forefront of a new age in the insurance industry.

About the guest

Sarah Owen is Chief Product Officer at One Inc. Owen joined One Inc. in October of 2021 following a career driving product innovation, development and business transformation for payments. With increasing levels of responsibility, she has managed large product portfolios and built new products across card issuing, consumer loyalty and payment facilitator lines of business. For over two decades she has held senior roles at companies including First Data (Fiserv), Heartland (Global Payments), Vantiv (FIS) and she most recently served as lead for the Customer Engagement Portfolio for TSYS, a business unit of Global Payments. Owen combines her deep payments knowledge with a passion for helping clients transform their digital experiences and is a true champion of innovation, having patented and served as co-inventor for multiple mobile and digital payment solutions. Based in Atlanta, Sarah has also served as a mentor for TechStars and is an active volunteer in the local community.

Key quotes

*”If you’re not solving problems for the customer, keeping the customer front and center, and ultimately improving their experience, then no one’s going to buy your product.”

*”Customer experience, from my perspective, is all about mapping out that customer journey to really understand the points that matter. What do you need to make sure that you get right? So it is about storytelling.”

Time stamps

[2:23] How Sarah’s work-to-give mindset has shaped her career

[5:19] What’s Sarah’s approach to customer experience

[6:20] How did Sarah get into CX?

[11:43] How low-code no-code helps with digital transformation

[13:27] How is One-Inc a B2B2C company?

[16:39] How Sarah identifies the moments that matter through customer journey mapping

[19:21] How One Inc. is revolutionizing the insurance payments process

[21:38] How legacy insurance companies operate, and why the established payments processes have lasted

[25:49] How One Inc. uses tokenization to protect payment information

[30:57] What does Sarah think about the future of payments?

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