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Welcome to Season 2 of CX Detectives!

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Episode summary

A brand new season of CX Detectives is coming. HGS is excited to bring you insights from top customer experience leaders from B2B and B2C companies. We’ll hear from leaders at companies like Glance, Rocketlane, Onriva and more about how to make your customer experience truly exceptional. Join us as we team up with some of the greatest minds in customer experience to solve the toughest challenges yet. Welcome to CX Detectives.

Key quotes

*”If you can make technology create an experience that allows two people to engage and communicate, and they never have to know how the technology works, it’s never really present, and it works in the background, suddenly you’re like, ‘We’ve achieved Nirvana.’” – Tom Martin, CEO at Glance Networks

*”If you do a great job during onboarding, then automatically you are more on the offense than on defense with those customers. If you do a sloppy job, you’re on the back foot from the get go, you know, you can’t talk renewal, you need to first win back trust from the customer again before you, you know, go that direction.” – Sri Ganesan, Co-Founder & CEO at Rocketlane

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