Podcast – CX Detectives | Season 2 – Episode 2

The case of slow customer onboarding

An interview with Srikrishnan Ganesan, Co-Founder & CEO of Rocketlane

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Episode summary

This episode features an interview with Srikrishnan Ganesan, Co-Founder and CEO of Rocketlane, a high-growth customer onboarding software that lets you collaborate with customers. Sri has over nine years of experience growing and scaling SaaS companies. In this episode, Sri discusses how to speed up employee communication across silos, the critical customer onboarding timeline, and developing accountability with customers so they take some ownership of their own experience.

About the guest

Srikrishnan (Sri) Ganesan is a co-founder of the fast-growing customer onboarding platform Rocketlane, a SaaS product that helps businesses by replacing generic project management and document collaboration tools with a unique, unified workspace. Sri has spent his last nine years building and scaling SaaS businesses. His last startup was acquired by Freshworks (NASDAQ:FRSH) in 2015 and went on to become their fastest-growing product (Freshchat). He is passionate about all things CX and startups.

Key quotes

*”We figured out what [our customers’] biggest time sinks are and automated some of those. [Then] built a beautiful experience that makes those people look good in front of the customer. It [was] like [an] aha moment for them to say, ‘Hey, wow, this is where I spend a lot of my energy wastefully. And the product is doing all this for me. And it’s not one more tool. It’s the tool that I’m going to use with my customers during this whole engagement. It’s getting rid of multiple tools and making it one singular experience.’”

*”From an efficiency standpoint, there’s a lot of ways in which you can see the benefit of better onboarding. Firstly, if you get everyone to execute in a coordinated way on time, it gets your customer to value faster. And that’s super important for SaaS because very often churn happens because it’s been six months since you bought a product. You have some sort of an implementation that happened, but then you’re not truly live yet. Your team hasn’t adopted that software yet. And when it comes up for renewal, you’re gonna be like, we didn’t see [the] value.”

*”The more you control [onboarding] and actually get the customer live in three to four weeks, you’re more likely to have that successful partnership with them and build upon where you start.”

*”Especially if you’re selling to mid-market or enterprise, you’re never truly done onboarding the customer. You’re done with phase one. You’re gonna start phase two next. So there are ongoing initiatives that you want to run collaboratively with the customer, where you wanna hold the customer accountable as well, and deliver a better experience on both sides.”

*”Is my customer success team playing offense or defense and why? By playing offense, we mean, are they focused on expansion and focused on going after more use cases, doing more with the customer, setting up more integrations, et cetera? Or are they on defense saying, ‘Hey, sorry, but we are not able to deliver on this yet’?”

*”If you do a great job during onboarding, then automatically you are more on the offense than on defense with those customers. If you do a sloppy job, you’re on the back foot from the get go. You can’t talk renewal. You need to first win back trust from the customer again before you go that direction.”

Time stamps

*[0:11] The Case of Slow Customer Onboarding

*[0:30] Introducing Srikrishnan Ganesan, Co-Founder & CEO at Rocketlane

*[1:21] Get to know Rocketlane

*[9:50] Evidence #1: Employee communication is siloed

*[15:56] Evidence #2: Customers are left to conduct their own orientation of the product

*[26:14] Evidence #3: Customer onboarding is standardized

*[19:19] Debrief: Review takeaways

*[30:05] HGS Pub: Lyssa and Sri celebrate cracking the case

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