Podcast – CX Detectives | Episode 11

Leveraging technology to improve the employee and customer experience

An interview with Venu Gooty, SVP of Digital Strategy and Transformation at HGS

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Episode summary

This episode features an interview with Venu Gooty, SVP of Digital Strategy and Transformation at HGS, a global leader in consumer engagement, digital CX, and business process management. Venu has over 18 years of IT experience. And at HGS, he’s helping global brands optimize their operations so they can give customers a world-class experience. In this episode, Venu discusses how using a fit index in the hiring process improves employee retention, making sure employees have the best tools for the job, and tracking employee sentiment using analytics.

About the guest

Venu Gooty is a passionate and accomplished executive with over 18 years of IT industry experience. His deep expertise in data-driven marketing, digital transformation, digital customer experience, AI and big data analytics, is helping leading global brands improve customer engagement, optimize their operations, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Key quotes

*”Businesses really need to think about how to support customers in the channels of their preference. Customers are becoming more demanding in terms of how they would like to be responded to and the kind of experiences that they would like to see versus the experiences that you think you would want to provide to them.”

*”Fit index allows us to better understand and engage the candidates on various parameters and criteria. We’re also leveraging AI in order to truly identify which are those individuals who have higher likelihood of joining us and not attriting, because attrition is a huge problem within the contact center industry. The technology is enabling us to say a person with this kind of characteristics and these kind of attributes are the right fit based on the past employee behaviors, or based on the characteristics that we’ve used for previous screening of employees.”

*”The hiring process is extremely challenging and it’s also pretty time consuming. So that process is something that we have significantly streamlined using recruit bot application. It allows the applicant to get hired within two hours of their application, if they are interested in streamlining and fastening up that entire process. That also has enabled us to actually reduce the amount of back and forth that happens with the agents because previously, the amount of back and forth that we used to see was almost two to three weeks just from apply to hire time frame. But right now we have cut it down to an average of less than a day and as fast as less than two hours at this point.”

*”How do you capture the tribal knowledge that is there among the employees and bring that knowledge and institutionalize it so that it’s not just dependent on one individual who has all of that knowledge, but among that entire team, among the organization, so that anyone can respond to those queries and anyone can refer to the knowledge on a real-time basis and get those right answers during the client conversations?”

Time stamps

*[0:09] The Case of Leveraging Technology to Improve the Employee and Customer Experience

*[0:31] Introducing Venu Gooty, SVP of Digital Strategy and Transformation at HGS

*[7:30] Evidence #1: High employee churn rate

*[21:20] Evidence #2: Employees are working with disparate tech tools

*[34:27] Evidence #3: Doesn’t know how to measure employee sentiment

*[39:18] Debrief

*[40:24] HGS Pub

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