Podcast – CX Champions | Season 3 Episode 0

Introducing CX Champions

Hosted by Larry Fleischman and presented by HGS.

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Well, hello! We’re gonna guess that you opened your podcasts today and saw CX Champions. And you thought to yourself, “CX Champions? I didn’t subscribe to CX Champions.” And you would be right.

We took CX Detectives and are remixing it. We’re doing our OWN spin on customer experience. So welcome!

During the show, we’ll be interviewing disruptors in the CX space. People who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and get things done on THEIR OWN terms.

In each episode, you’ll hear deep insight into how they built their careers in CX by helping some of the most iconic brands in the world engage their customers.

CX Champions is an UNSCRIPTED masterclass on how YOU can stand out, think differently, and re-imagine what a Customer Experience could look like in a digital-first world.

So settle back, grab a drink, and get down with CX Champions on your podcast player of choice.