Content Moderation

Protect your brand and enhance user experience with HGS content moderation services.

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Maintain a safe environment that keeps your users connected and your brand protected with HGS content moderation services.

Enhance Online Safety

Expertly detect and flag unauthorized or inappropriate images, videos and live-streams to maintain a safer, more enjoyable environment for all. HGS image, video and live stream moderation can serve as an extension of your content team, but at full-scale, processing millions each month.

Streamline Communication Across Platforms

Remove risky or questionable content in multiple languages by using predefined criteria to filter inappropriate posts, comments, reviews and live chats. Gain insights into brand conversations to enhance engagement and ensure an overall improvement in customer experience.

Uphold Digital Accountability

Ensure that audio content adheres to organizational guidelines and standards, detecting and removing inappropriate language, explicit content, copyrighted music and more. Maintain a respectful online environment with the help of AI-powered tools.

Content Moderation Services

A Safe and Engaging Online Community Starts with HGS.

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An AI-Powered CX on Your Terms

Many clients take a “lift-and-shift” approach initially and then, after proof of concept, evolve their CX strategy. They use HGS to accelerate digital transformation with minimal risk.

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