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CEM-Modern CX

AI-Powered CX Solutions

HGS provides the experts and technologies to make every customer interaction prompt, personal, and positive. Accelerate your digital transformation journey through a modern framework that includes AI, automation, analytics, and cloud technologies.

Agent X

Contact Center Solution

Supercharge your contact center with an award-winning cloud solution. Agent X offers simplicity in an age of complexity to improve agent productivity, enhance the customer experience, and leverage deeper insights. Turn conversations into data and improve agent response time with HGS Agent X.

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Contact Center Automation

Personalize Customer Interactions

Drastically improve the efficiency of your contact center using AI-powered technology such as bots, analytics, large language model (LLM), and more. When human contact is a luxury, automated CX makes personalized experiences accessible to everyone.

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Generative AI for CX

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Ensure every customer interaction is personal, prompt and positive with generative AI for front and back-office processes. We’ve created operational models that are faster, leaner, less costly, and more accurate utilizing generative AI and ChatGPT.

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Contact Center Analytics

Understand Your Customer on a New Level

Improve agent efficiency and customer interactions with rich insights and recommendations from expert data scientists and analysts. At HGS, we offer an array of analytics solutions that utilize AI and machine learning to create hyper-personalized customer experiences.

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Contact center agents

Contact Center Outsourcing

Finally Act on Your Call Center Wish List

Prioritize customer convenience with an attentive outsourcing partner. Delight and differentiate with frictionless omnichannel, timely talent, AI agent assist, optimized operations, and flexible pricing options. Thrive in a digital world and shape the contact center of your dreams with our CX experts.

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Accelerate Towards an Automated Future

Make every customer experience prompt, personal, and positive with a seamless digital CX strategy that ensures speed, precision, and empathy. HGS accelerates your digital transformation journey through a modern CX framework that includes AI, automation, analytics, and cloud technologies.

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