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HGS UK Ltd Gender Pay Gap Report 2024

Published April 2024

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HGS UK Ltd are a contact centre and digital transformation leader, focused on helping our UK based clients to adapt, flex, and scale staffing to address short-term and ongoing challenges. Clients include a number of high profile organisations across the UK public, utilities and retail sectors.

Averaging a headcount of over 2,500 directly employed staff during 2023-24, HGS UK Ltd has a pre-eminent position in its market sector and takes great pride in being an exciting and equitable place to work.

At HGS UK Ltd, everyone is paid for the role that they play in the team and for the account/client that the team is working for. No other factors affect an employee’s remuneration. HGS UK Ltd is an Equal Pay employer – men and women performing equal work receive equal pay.
HGS UK Ltd does have a small Gender Pay Gap but only in respect of the Mean Pay Gap, and even that figure has more than halved from 10.6% to 4.1% since last year’s reported figures. The small median pay gap of 1.8% reported last year has now been completely eradicated, and HGS UK Ltd can now confidently report no pay gap between median male and female hourly rates, This reduction of median pay gap to equitable levels is an accurate reflection of the ongoing commitment of HGS UK Ltd to continue its drive towards a fully non-discriminatory gender pay structure.

All these elements of salary, commission and bonuses are included in the calculation of the Hourly Pay Gap shown here. The figures in this report are based on the government specified snapshot date of 5th April 2023.

UK Gender Pay Gap-Report 2024 graphic 2024 hourly gap
UK Gender Pay Gap-Report 2024 graphic 2023 hourly gap

Hourly Pay Quartiles 2024

The proportion of male and female employees are split into quartile bands based on their Hourly Pay. The banding illustrates that there is little in the way of significant gender pay gaps across the different hourly pay quartiles across HGS UK Ltd. Indeed, the distribution is actually slightly skewed towards a larger proportion of female employees in the upper quartile, which is an accurate reflection of the number of women holding Operations Management positions within the organisation.

Hourly Pay Quartiles 2024

Bonus Payments

HGS UK Ltd only pays bonuses to a limited number of senior managers within its pay structure, preferring instead to focus its payments to staff to ensuring an equitable distribution of standard renumeration across the organisation.

Even with a relatively small set of bonus payment data being suspect to statistical fluctuations, it can clearly be seen that there is very little difference between the number of men and women within HGS UK Ltd receiving bonuses, and that the gap is reducing year on year.

These small differences in gender-related bonus data is reinforced in terms of mean and median bonus amounts, where not only is the difference between male and female median and mean bonus pay gaps small, they have shown a year-on year decrease as HGS UK Ltd moves further and further towards its aim of gender equity across all compensation sources.

UK Bonus Pay Gap 2023
Percentage of women received bonuses in 2023
Percentage of men received bonuses in 2023

I confirm that the data published in this report is accurate. UK-People-Services-Director-Signature (People Services Director, HGS UK Ltd)

Published April 2024