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HGS Canada Corporate Headquarters

Metropolitan Place
99 Wyse Road, Suite I300
Dartmouth, NS   B3B IW9

HGS Dartmouth

250 Brownlow Avenue, Suite II
Dartmouth, NS  B3A 4S5

HGS Kentville

8 Chipman Drive
Kentville, NS  B4N 3V7

HGS Timmins

130 Spruce Street South
Timmins, ON  P4N 2M5

HGS North Bay

90 Lakeshore Drive
North Bay, ON  P1A 2C7

HGS Belleville

610, Dundas St. E
Belleville, ON  K8N IG7

HGS Barrie

Kozlov Centre
400 Bayfield Street, Unit C1
Barrie, ON  L4M 5A1

HGS Windsor

Tecumseh Mall
7770 Tecumseh Rd. East
Windsor, ON  N8T IE9

HGS Charlottetown Corporate Office

82 Hillstrom Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI  CIE 2C6

HGS Charlottetown Call Centre

82 Hillstrom Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI  CIE 2C6

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icon of a circuit board shaped in a triangle to portrait the advancing in data transformation
Woman who needs a data center of excellence moves graphs and images around on a large glass screen
Man thinks about automation strategy with images of maps, data, digital icons superimposed on image" tit
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Customization for your customers: 5 hyper-personalization trends for 2021

As a consumer, you’ve probably noticed online ads or suggestions…
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Boost CSAT, ESAT, retention, and savings with a Modern CX approach

According to a 2020 Walker study, the top business priority for…
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Image of a young couple using smartphone on the street
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For better RCM, prioritize people and track with technology

Across the healthcare industry, health information mismanagement…
Image of a group of doctors in discussion
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Preventing and appealing clinical denials with analytics, automation, and AI

U.S. hospitals lose $262 billion due to denied claims each year,…
Image of a consulting team analyzing HR data
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Ready to modernize your contact center? Assess trends with care

‘Tis the season for contact center trends, predictions, and…
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Become a better business detective with image analytics

Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. Computers…
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COVID-19 and healthcare: 3 areas of market focus

From delayed or avoided healthcare procedures to lost insurance…
2020 in review

HGS’s 2020 highlights: Achievement amidst adversity

In 2020, the COVID-19 world health crisis impacted nearly every…
woman using tablet

10 creative ways to leverage advanced analytics

Today’s companies are constantly flooded with loads of valuable…
COVID-19 update

A COVID-19 update from our company’s consulting physician

Throughout 2020 and as we plan for 2021, HGS has trusted the…
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Turn Work@Home into on-demand with agent self-scheduling

COVID-19 has changed the traditional contact center dynamic forever.…
image of a hand holding a smart phone

Preparing for the post-pandemic rise of digital nomadism

When COVID-19 subsides and travel restrictions are lifted, it’s…
automation in the enterprise

Who owns automation in the enterprise?

If we look at the CEO mandate in most annual reports, there is…
image of a hand holding a smart phone

HGS focuses on giving during holiday season

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go…

Member experience: Never a better time for digital enablement

Health plans are all too familiar with the challenges of member…
Image of three people discussing
Image of an abstract cloud shape over a city scape background
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Accelerating AI during COVID: Getting more bang from your bots

Read our latest blog to understand how Artificial Intelligence…
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7 topics to include in your playbook for award-winning social customer care

Read our latest blog to know the seven key topics to include…
A person is looking at his tablet visibly happy with the customer experience.

Cognitive contact center: Using AI to improve the customer experience

Cognitive contact centers use artificial intelligence (AI) to…
A young man analyzes data on a tablet as he stands behind a glass wall with reports and notes on it

Headless CMS bridges the cross-channel chasm

The blog explores how a headless CMS bridges the cross-channel…
Data center with a wall of components: switches, storage systems, servers, routers, other devices

How to choose the right cloud service provider for your organization

A CIO's guide for choosing the right cloud services provider.…
Social  Media

Best-in-Class Social Media Customer Care: What Our Experts Want You to Know

Are you harnessing the benefits of your social media customer…
Image of a person on a yacht holding a cell phone

Modern Outsourcing Is Driven By Insight And Partnership – Not Cost!

If I was paid a £ for every time “reduce cost” was the answer…
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Why leverage cloud and how to get rolling

To keep up with the demands of organizations’ ever-changing…

Can Companies Continue To Price Services Using FTE and Headcount?

By Graham Brown, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, HGS…
2 women are stepping out of a retail outlet holding their shopping bags

What is hyper-personalization?

Hyper-Personalizations is the marketer’s agenda in 2018. Hyper-Personalization…
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9 Steps to defining an enterprise mobile strategy

With mobility now becoming an essential element of personal and…

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