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Cultivate an online presence with intention and purpose

If your business has a social presence, you need a social media marketing strategy

Nurturing a thriving online community requires a plan. HGS Interactive offers social media services that are personalized to your brand and niche audience. We work alongside your internal teams to develop calendars and campaigns that resonate with your customers and help attract new leads based on research and data.

Our marketing services cover the development of strategy and implementation of content plans including brand voice development, calendar creation, and the production of copy, creatives, and video. Our team is fully equipped to handle ongoing, ad-hoc, and crisis communications.

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A social strategy gives you an edge

  • A social media strategy helps establish deeper relationships with customers.
  • Social media advertising helps generate new leads and increase customer loyalty.
  • We use social media listening tools to identify and target the right influencers for your business.
  • Social sentiment is tracked across all social channels to estimate the effectiveness of our plans.
  • A strong social media presence drives traffic to your website, ultimately increasing brand awareness.
  • Offering customers real-time information on product offerings and services can increase ROI.

Our social media marketing services improve the CX

Innovation And Strategy Consultation

We collaborate closely with our clients to innovate. We can help you understand how to position your brand⁠, set marketing objectives⁠, outline a channel strategy, and identify growth opportunities⁠.

Benchmarking Against Competition And Peers

We draw valuable insights from competitive benchmarking, which allows us to set feasible goals, identify opportunities, discover growth points, and compare the brand’s performance against industry standards.

Content Strategy

We help define your content strategy through strong pillars, creating a monthly content calendar based on keywords, sentiment, and results. This is kept in alignment with the brand’s tone of voice to create a cohesive brand image and drive engagement.

Growth Reevaluation And Ongoing Optimization

Continuous optimization is imperative when it comes to digital campaigns to improve performance. Our team helps identify areas that need improvement and also looks for newer areas to focus on.

Business in The New Normal

What worked for brands before the pandemic may no longer work. Our team can identify what needs to be done not just to stay afloat but to also succeed in the new normal.


Can I just use an in-house team for social media?

Yes. But we have a global presence, crafty content creators, and a variety of tools to pull from. Our experts possess deep expertise for enhancing engagement via social and via the contact center. To maintain these skills in-house is time-consuming and expensive. This is why many clients choose us as an extension of their in-house teams.

Why can’t my in-house team develop a digital strategy?

A generic social strategy may prove ineffective without understanding what type of social content drives engagement and conversions. Businesses need to adopt customised solutions that target their audience to achieve the desired results. HGS Interactive can help you with that!

What social media platforms should my business use?

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. HGS Interactive can help gauge which platforms can suit your business needs and build campaigns specific to them for the right outcomes.

What is your social media strategy process?

Social media is like a vast ocean that can be difficult to navigate. Rest assured our social strategists at HGS Interactive understand the brand, the medium and its consumers. They can create custom strategies using unique tools to boost your business, turning conversations into conversions and yielding quality leads.

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