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Social listening and reporting

Amplify the positives and protect your brand

Gauge sentiment and respond with a deeper understanding

Many brands maintain an active presence on social media and actively interact with the customers speaking directly to them — the “owned” conversations — but inadvertently ignore the conversations happening off the brand social accounts — the “earned” conversations.

With the HGS team, you can monitor and tap into the data contained within the posts and conversations that are happening all across the web to enhance your products or customer relationships.

With our tools, teams, and techniques, you can now listen to owned and earned mentions, monitor competitors, identify trends and potential brand crises, and amplify all the positive feedback you receive on social.

The rationale for a robust social listening program is simple: You simply cannot participate in conversations that you don’t know are happening.

Social Media Strategy: Answers from Our Industry Experts


Avert customer and brand crises

  • Protect your reputation by addressing issues before they escalate.
  • Identify leads and influencers and amplify positive feedback.
  • Monitor your brand across multiple social channels.
  • Spot emerging trends and stay ahead of competitors.

Stay in touch and in the lead

Online Reputation Management

Foster a genuine connection with your audience by listening, communicating, and gathering valuable insights from them.

Crisis Management and Mitigation

Resolve and mitigate volatile situations. We can help you create a proactive or reactive crisis management plan.

Brand Protection

Differentiate, protect intellectual property, and ensure brand consistency across all channels with the help of advanced tools.


How does social listening work?

Blending advanced technology and human experts, we are able to listen to conversations your customers and competitors are having online.

How do you come up with insights?

Valuable insights are derived from great social listening tools and market research, helping increase ROI and generate new leads for your business.

How will social listening make a difference to my brand?

Strategic decisions can be taken to enhance the digital presence and protect your brand’s reputation based on social listening. We have the right resources to create frictionless customer experiences to increase the brand’s revenue while creating strong customer relationships.

What data metrics can HGS Interactive capture?

We have many social listening tools that help us capture public conversations and to make sense of that information, enabling us to take prompt action to drive customer happiness.

We provide a holistic and quantifiable report on a number of metrics such as the engagement, reach, clicks, impressions, video views, customer sentiment, conversations, online mentions, escalations, and crisis updates.

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