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Digital content production

Distinguish your brand, acquire leads, and foster community with tailored, thoughtful digital and social content

Great social content packs a lot of punch

Delightful social content can build relationships, generate earned media coverage, increase CSAT and NPS, increase engagement, solicit feedback, and create memorable moments for your brand — all in 280 characters, 60 seconds of video, an infographic, or one pithy photo.

Creating unique, well structured, and high quality content across multiple platforms takes specialized skills, an overarching strategy, significant time and, often, a dedicated team. These resources are often hard to find in-house.

As a creative services outsourcer and CRM-focused agency, HGS Interactive can fuel your social media engine and engage with customers online consistently, with measurable results.

Our goal is to help you acquire new leads with creative and integrated social campaigns, actively manage your blog, develop press releases and infographics, layer video into the mix, and keep website and landing page copy fresh and compelling.


A digital content service can elevate your brand

  • Define what your brand stands for
  • Ensure your brand voice is heard
  • Educate prospects and customers on your product and services
  • Inspire meaningful conversations with and among customers
  • Connect with newer audiences
  • Enhance and expand your brand reputation

Measurably different digital content production services

Campaign Development and Management

Our team can put together a comprehensive campaign, no matter how big or small, to reach your target audience. From concept to creative to production to delivery to follow up, our team has the end-to-end creativity and resources to forge customer relationships.

Whitepapers, Blogs, Press Releases, and Case Studies

We are adept at brainstorming intriguing topics and headlines, interviewing subject matter experts and digging for answers, and crafting engaging content to keep audiences engaged, educated, and aware of products and offerings. Packaging for easy publishing and maximum performance is integral to our content creation approach.

Photography and Digital Film Production

We can produce high-quality photographs and video for your business, including location shooting, corporate promotions, live event coverage, and more. Once a video has been released, we track performance and provide a comprehensive report on video views, view completion rate, and other key metrics.

Memes, Animations, and Infographics

Marketing with memes and graphics is all about saying the right thing, at the right time, concisely, with imagery. Though we often intend to tickle the funny bones of your audience, we mean serious business. We help you reach potential and existing consumers using viral-worthy, memorable creativity.

Copywriting and Storytelling

Our copywriters can weave compelling stories and communicate effectively through organic social copy, unique or scripted social engagement responses, content calendars and much more, all in alignment with the brand’s voice, keeping in mind search engine optimization (SEO) and the long-term vision of the business.


Does content marketing work for every type of industry?

The right kind of content engages your current audience with new branded content built just for them. This content helps capture interest from new leads. HGS Interactive works with you to understand what type of social media content marketing is right for your industry and business.

How are content services by HGS Interactive any better than the rest?

At HGS Interactive, we help brands connect all content to CRM data, creating an all-encompassing content strategy. Content should not be just used as a brand-building tool but should have tangible value to ROI. We make this happen with our content plans and overall data strategy, which sets us apart from run-of-the-mill agencies.

How do you determine what kind of content is right for my business?

This depends on the industry you belong to, your geography, competitors and current brand positioning. HGS Interactive takes all of these factors into consideration to make data-driven decisions to create a content marketing strategy that is just right for your business.

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