Customer support for UK utilities

Increase responsiveness and empathy

Deliver superior customer experience (CX) with experts on demand

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business continuity

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Cut the costs
to serve

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Prevent and
reduce complaints

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Increase loyalty and satisfaction

Better support the customer lifecycle

Maintain your customer focus

With pressure mounting on utilities — and the sheer volume of customers — it’s easy to prioritise speed over meaningful CX. Processing requests without empathy, however, can lead to churn, fines, and safety problems. Better optimising channels and equipping advisers can avoid costly downstream issues.

We can provide you with the technical, back-office, and front-office experts you need for a differentiated CX.

  • Account maintenance
  • Connections and disconnections
  • Billing and collections
  • Equipment rentals and service
  • Tech support, dispatch, and repairs
  • Accident/leak reporting and prevention
  • Complaints and retention programmes
  • Campaign management
  • Business continuity support
  • Cloud and digital transformation

Prepare for the next crisis

Improve business continuity with an always-ready team

image of call center agents
  • Confidently let your advisers take centre stage when a service disruption occurs.
  • With more volume extremes looming due to storms, cyberattacks, strikes, and aging infrastructure, it pays to invest in your contact centre now.
  • Our cloud strategy, telephony, migration, security, and managed services enable you to redistribute customer contacts to advisers across the UK — or the world.
  • Our self-service, callback, chatbot, and IVR solutions ensure every inquiry is addressed.
  • Our Work@Home and blended adviser teams allow you to scale up or down fast.

Tackle the talent shortage

Modernise with staff augmentation

Technical talent to support innovation is in short supply. Onboarding new employees takes more creativity than ever.

Every day, clients count on us to hire, train, and engage specialised contact centre advisers, automation experts, cloud specialists, and analysts to augment their teams.

We provide customer-focused experts by project or long-term, whilst providing the technology to help internal teams operate efficiently.

Make an investment in customer loyalty

Spark a CX transformation

Speak to a CX expert

telecom / broadband consumers

Provide high quality service to all

Better support increasing customer vulnerability

Customers living in vulnerable situations require specialised care. We offer flexible operational models, teams, and tools to support the vulnerable.

  • Speech and text analytics to identify those who need extra help
  • Discreet and/or asynchronous communications channels
  • Relaxed metrics for lengthier, in-depth conversations
  • Specialised, empowered, solutions-oriented advisers
  • Customer-first policy and procedure updates
  • Advanced training in empathetic, sensitive service delivery
  • Mental health supports for advisers working with the vulnerable

Prevent and reduce complaints

Address organisational weaknesses with an empowered complaints team

At HGS, all advisers are retention specialists. But, when a complaint arises, we are ready to respond. A complaint represents a moment of truth — a point when a customer decides to stay or leave. So, it pays to assign the most talented advisers. Does your complaints team have these characteristics?

HGS advisor team
  • Diffuses emotionally charged situations
  • Investigates and negotiates win-wins
  • Champions the customer perspective
  • Collaborates to solve problems
  • Removes CSAT and retention obstacles
  • Identifies trends and shares insights
  • Inspires innovative new programmes
  • Drives reputational turnarounds

Prioritise continuous improvement

Meet regulatory requirements with ease

Ofcom, Ofgem, and Ofwat exist to ensure value for money, protect consumers and the environment, and ensure quality and fairness.
By eliminating silos, ensuring executive involvement, and addressing dissatisfaction head-on, HGS helps you to stay in tune with regulatory priorities.

For a UK broadband client:

£120KAchieved significant savings
in only one year by avoiding penalties

#2Ranked 2nd by Ofcom
Over 3 fiscal quarters, transformed a last-place ranking to a top-place ranking

13%retention increase
Reduced customer churn through innovative CSAT programmes

Make CX outsourcing your advantage

Reduce your cost to serve with HGS

Supply chain, staffing, and real estate costs are skyrocketing. And, yet, all eyes are on utilities to keep household costs bearable.

With global staffing options, technologies that deliver quantifiable ROIs, and ever-flowing continuous improvement ideas, we can reduce your cost to serve.

  • Onshore / offshore staffing
  • Cloud contact centres
  • Customer self-service
  • Virtual agents and chatbots
  • Contact deflection
  • Intelligent automation

Maintain better operating margins

Improve your cash flow and retention rates

HGS offers end-to-end revenue cycle management for utilities. In the front and back office, we can help to improve financial accuracy and speed of recovery whilst working to retain your valuable customers.

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Accounts receivable/payable

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Billing inquiries

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Payment reminders

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Propensity-to-pay analytics

Speak to our team

Connect with our utilities digital CX experts

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Raj Mistry

Head of Enterprise Sales,
London, England

“Having led digital innovation across a multitude of industries (e.g. banking, insurance, media, retail), I can say confidently that HGS’s value proposition is world-class.

We enable clients to strike a balance between technology and people-based solutions for the very best customer experience. I look forward to partnering creatively with companies as they seek to deliver the greatest value from — and for — their customers.”

Chris SlyLinkedIn icon

Christopher Sly

Head of Digital
London, England

“A well-designed technology ecosystem that provides the right balance of tech and talent creates a competitive advantage and enables utilities to serve all customers with quality and speed.

I help clients leverage Bots&Brains™ to ensure the contact centre delivers value both internally and externally.”

We love to talk all things CX, so get in touch

Please complete the form, and Raj or Chris will respond to you within two business days.

Benefit from our utilities experience

Work with a partner serving UK clients for 25+ years

HGS combine the best technology and talent to deliver better, faster, less expensive customer service.

Frequently asked questions

HGS works with the following types of organisations to innovate, optimise, and grow with superior CX:

  • Water treatment and supply organisations
  • Sewerage and waste handling companies
  • Telecommunications and broadband companies
  • Traditional energy companies – hydro-electric, gas and oil, nuclear power generation
  • Alternative energy companies – wind, solar, lithium ion, hydrogen, steam, etc.

Yes, we provide front- and back-office services and contact centres for:

  • Household and non-household/business customers
  • Wholesale, retail, and distribution partners and vendors
  • Retail stores and field service teams

We provide full customer lifecycle support, from the sales, buy, and bill phases; to the care, support, and repair phases; to the retention and contract renewal phases.

We work with our clients to do demographic tailoring and take an “optichannel” approach with each customer type. We actively seek out the rights channels — especially for high value and vulnerable customers. At a minimum, we support the following channels:

  • Phone
  • Webchat
  • Text/SMS
  • Direct and in-app messaging
  • Social
  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Post / snail mail
  • Self-serve

HGS’s partnership with ChatLingual enables you to interact swiftly and accurately with customers from any background. Our English-speaking advisers utilise ChatLingual’s advanced translation technology to support your customers in over 100 languages with 98% accuracy. Overcome language barriers and minimise the need to hire hard-to-find multilingual human resources with a proven, agent-assist language tool.

As a corporate citizen, HGS acknowledges our development and sustainability responsibilities. We prioritise social value through:

  • Protecting UK jobs, TUPE adherence
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programmes
  • High quality, long-term employment with training (impact sourcing)
  • Employee health and wellbeing support
  • Eco-friendly, 2035 net-zero workplace strategy
  • Community and charity volunteerism / fundraising
  • Equality, sustainability, and fairness in procurement
  • Executive-level CSR governance

Learn more about our ESG efforts

Yes! We can help improve your field response with an automated dispatch assistant: HGS Axle™.

Conceived originally for emergency roadside service (ERS) teams to respond to requests from stressed and stranded drivers, HGS Axle can be adapted to capture information on utility-related accidents and disruptions.

Axle gathers details, categorises severity, obtains GPS coordinates, and identifies and dispatches response teams within minutes. It even automatically communicates with customers/managers on repair status.

With Axle, you can rest assured that the contact centre is already ready to act, even after hours.

Yes! When there’s an outage, social channels are crucial for two-way customer communications. Social media teams, however, often operate separately from customer service. But, they can and should form part of your CX strategy. Blending your social and contact centre teams with HGS EPIC™ Social Care is our specialty. We can definitely help you engage with more customers at once, faster.