HGS Everest Pledge

HGS joins the Everest Group pledge

HGS is thrilled to publicly commit to the Everest pledge in its endeavor to double the number of impact sourcing workers by 2026. Joining the ranks of Teleperformance, Tech Mahindra, Genpact, Alorica, Sitel, EXL, Majorel, and others, we’re excited to be part of this very important initiative.

What is impact sourcing?

Businesses worldwide are constantly looking to fill their workforce with highly motivated and engaged individuals who deliver consistent quality work with low attrition rates. On the other hand, governments and social development agencies have made various endeavors to lift economically excluded communities through decent work and livelihoods.

Impact sourcing arose as a means to meet both these needs by organizations providing career opportunities to communities from less-favorable circumstances (underprivileged, socially marginalized, under/unemployed, etc.) while at the same time, meeting their business goals. Unemployed youth and women make up the largest segments of the workforce.

The Everest Pledge and the Clinton Global Initiative

Everest Group has pledged to grow the impact sourcing workforce and connect a large section of marginalized individuals to new jobs. Their Commitment to Action includes increasing the impact sourcing market from 350,000 FTEs to half a million in three years. With a strong goal to achieve this impressive feat by providing research and enablement tools, sharing best practices and how-to guides with employers and buyers, and engaging governments, NGOs, enablers, employers, and service providers in collaborative efforts, many companies are joining the effort.

The Everest Group proposed enabling inclusive talent models in the global services industry and addressing global employment challenges by advocating for impact sourcing, an effort that former President Bill Clinton recognized at the Clinton Global Initiative September 2022 meeting.

A growing number of companies and enterprises appreciate these impact sourcing efforts, and with a commitment from HGS, the transformation of global employment challenges is on a clear trajectory upward.

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