Whole-person care management

Leverage a world-class clinical team using evidence-based, integrated, med-psych and behavior change models to ensure a healthy lifestyle for members and patients

What is “whole-person” care management?

Our whole-person approach prioritizes human potential. This evidence-based method builds coping skills, enables a healthy lifestyle, and drives self-efficacy by leveraging behavior change models, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), transtheoretical (stage of change), etc.

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Traditional Approach vs AxisPoint Health Whole Person Approach

We are more than our medical diagnoses

People are important authorities on their own health

We all create narratives for understanding our life and health

Health improvement is a collaborative enterprise

We experience our health and wellbeing challenges every day

Traditional Care Management


Heuristic and algorithm based mostly on recent utilization; prone to false echoes


Reliance on low-touch, low-reach methods; mostly telephonic and digital

Intervention – Thesis

Medical orientation addresses only 30% of drivers of outcomes; “nag therapy” is not relevant to member’s needs; all members treated similarly

Intervention – Objectives

Focus on health plan goals specific to the medical diagnoses and/or to the care gap


Typical case and disease management programs are siloed from ecosystem

AxisPoint Health Whole Person


Impactability Index™ based on drivers of future risk without overreliance on past costs


Utilizes standard practices like text/mail; add telehealth, in-person, local outreach, RPM

Intervention – Thesis

Address needs of the ‘whole person’ including all drivers of outcomes; relationship with member matters; members are unique, and multi-chronics have unique needs

Intervention – Objectives

Focus on member goals and on self-efficacy; prioritizes the member’s identified barriers


Prioritizes inclusion of providers and use of community/social services (like Aunt Bertha

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