Whole-person care management

Leverage a world-class clinical team using evidence-based, integrated, med-psych and behavior change models to ensure a healthy lifestyle for members and patients

What is “whole-person” care management?

Our whole-person approach prioritizes human potential. This evidence-based method builds coping skills, enables a healthy lifestyle, and drives self-efficacy by leveraging behavior change models, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), transtheoretical (stage of change), etc.

Image of a middle-aged woman sitting on her yoga mat and consulting her tablet for the next move
Image of a fitness coach healping a client to learn the right postrue

How we do it

At the heart of our success is our world-class clinical team of nurses, social workers, health coaches, and physicians.

We screen, train, and support our team members based upon our core beliefs that trusting relationships matter, that prioritizing a members’ self-identified barriers is crucial, and that providing a truly integrated med-psych solution places behavioral health, SUD, and SDoH at the core of program design.

Many companies claim to leverage an integrated approach within their care management practices, but very few actually do it.

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