Digital mailroom enablement

Faster and more accurate claims processing

It’s critical that your provider data is correct and up to date.

Federal and state agencies

Penalize health plans severely for poor provider data management


Complain, generate unexpected costs, and even file lawsuits

Getting the latest information on your provider network has never been more challenging.

Health systems are continuing to consolidate, increasing the affiliations between physicians and practices. Many doctors are also experiencing fatigue from constant payer data requests – and resistant to new tools, preferring phone and, yes, fax machines.

How to ensure faster and more accurate claims processing

We provide expert guidance for health plans and a complete set of services and solutions.

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Cognitive data extraction

Using AI and optical character recognition (OCR)

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Mobile and digital platforms

Access for providers to submit claims and documents

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Services provided from locations worldwide

HGS Healthcare Technology solutions

Provider data management and intelligent automation


A customer relationship management (CRM) app designed specifically for managing a master provider data record


Components and robotic processing automation (RPA) platforms to automate data intake into the CRM system

Simple and intuitive dashboard

Manage your workflow in your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Provider Data Dashboard

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