Whole-person care management services

Identify and address the root causes of behaviors that worsen physical health and inflate medical costs with analytics, proprietary technology and clinical content, and passionate clinicians

Axispoint Health

HGS AxisPoint Health is a technology-enabled care management services company focused on applying whole-person interventions to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction.

Our whole-person approach identifies and addresses root causes of non-compliance and unhealthy behaviors. Root causes are often undiagnosed or underdiagnosed behavioral health or substance use issues driven largely by social determinants of health (SDoH).

Our approach

Whole-person model

  1. Identifies and addresses root causes of poor health
  2. Prioritizes the members’ priorities; builds self-efficacy
  3. Clinical program designs that integrate physical health needs of the member with needs across behavioral health, substance use disorders, and social determinants of health

AXIS platform

  1. Compliant yet flexible rules-engine
  2. Enables omnichannel engagement
  3. Proprietary clinical content

Rarefied clinicians

  1. Hired for empathy, listening, openness
  2. Skilled at quickly developing trust
  3. Trained on enabling behavior change

Impactability index

  1. Next-generation of predictive modeling
  2. Intersects future cost predictions with impact opportunity
  3. Goes beyond identification based mostly upon historical claims by assessing current openness to engagement/ activation/readiness to change

AxisPoint Health optimizes opportunities to increase revenue (satisfaction; HEDIS, STARS, and CAHPS; appropriate risk adjustment) while delivering on the Quadruple Aim of:

  • Decreasing healthcare costs
  • Achieving outcomes and compliance
  • Increasing member/ policy holder satisfaction
  • Improving clinician experience

About AxisPoint Health (an HGS company)

HGS AxisPoint Health is a whole-person care management services company focused on identifying and addressing the root causes of behaviors that worsen physical health. APH reduces medical costs, improves regulatory compliance, and increases member satisfaction. Trust and relationship building is at the core of our approach, which combines industry-leading predictive analytics, a proprietary rules-engine, specialized clinical content, and passionate clinicians who care about the members’ success.

Four core solutions

Whole-person model

Case and disease management

Two distinct, yet integrated, NCQA accredited programs supporting health plan needs to deliver care coordination and condition-specific care management to members.

Axispoint-accreditation Disease management Axispoint accreditation case management
Axispoint accreditation Popular health program

Special needs plans model of care (SNP MOC)

A process-driven, highly disciplined care coordination program designed to meet compliance regulations while lowering healthcare costs for both D-SNP and C-SNP members.

in place

A specialized program that enables individuals to age on their own terms in their own homes by leveraging a proprietary frailty assessment and by deploying individualized interventions to address frailty, cognitive decline, loneliness, activities of daily living (ADLs), home and transportation issues, and coordination of healthcare needs.

Multi-chronic care management

Launching in the fall of 2021, a specialized intervention program for members with three or more chronic conditions. These are the 5% of members who drive up to 60% of costs, and are oftentimes the most challenging to engage due to high prevalence of behavioral health issues, substance use disorder, and other challenges related to social determinants of health.

Image of a doctor talking to a patient


  • Government-sponsored healthcare programs
    • Medicare Advantage
    • Special needs plans (SNPs)
    • Managed Medicaid
    • State Medicaid
  • Long-term care insurance carriers
Axispoint accreditation case management

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