The human side of AI: agent empowerment to meet the customer where they’re at

Dates: Aug 23, 2023 – Aug 23, 2023
Location: Virtual Round Table

About the event:

Apply to attend our virtual round table where we will discuss:

How can we blend people with technology in the contact center to enable agents to provide the best CX?

In this age of heightened customer expectations, the onus is on organizations to do everything in their power to create an exceptional CX – particularly when it comes to customer service. To accomplish this means meeting the customer where they are quickly and without the friction of multiple levels of verification, superfluous conversations, etc. The tricky part then becomes catering to the generation gap, e.g., GenZ wants their resolutions fast and easy on a mobile device while Baby Boomers want a more personal approach with human interactions. What they have in common, however, is that everyone wants to be directed to a “Tier 2” agent, and that’s where the balance of talent (humans) and technology (AI) comes in.

Knowledge management systems can be fast and efficient with technology that allows agents to be more efficient, but what about tracking the KM to specific products and what customers are asking? Putting data into action and resolving the issue on the front end creates a faster resolution time for customers. But what does this entail, and where do we start?

Join HGS and a select group of like-minded executives as we discuss your current contact center challenges, as well as how to blend people with technology in order to provide superior customer experience.

The speakers at this event will be:

Diana Grandinetti

Vice President of Operations

Tom Weaver

Senior Director of Business Development


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