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AI Dinner Roundtable

AI Adoption & Acceleration Strategies for Future-Ready Businesses

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate over a delightful dinner as we navigate the exciting possibilities of AI.

Location: Butter, 70 W 45 St, New York, NY
Date: May 7, 2024

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AI Roundtable

Join us for an engaging evening over dinner at Butter in the heart of Midtown. Industry experts will share insights and strategies on effectively integrating AI into business operations. Attendees will learn first-hand practical approaches, challenges, and opportunities in leveraging AI for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Discussion Points

  • Determining factors that influence AI investment decisions
  • Aligning AI strategies with business goals
  • Balancing innovation and expectations in AI integration

2024 is set to be the year business leaders spearheading AI initiatives can rapidly model, prototype, and experiment to seize the opportunity AI presents. Whether you’re seasoned in AI adoption or just beginning the journey, join us for an engaging evening over dinner at our AI Roundtable.

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“To grow beyond the era of having just a single advantage over our competitors, we must embrace technology, leverage data, and build a human plus digital ecosphere that is agile and innovative. We must Build for the Future.”

– Venkatash Korla
President & CEO, HGS Americas

About HGS Build for the Future

HGS Build for the Future was designed to bring professionals together to learn about the latest technological trends, develop best practices, and network with various in-person and virtual events. Focused on modernizing processes with the right balance of technology and talent, and acknowledging that while large digital corporations have vast technological resources, most companies must find pragmatic ways to integrate technology talent into their operations. With HGS Build for the Future, we invite you to utilize the various opportunities we offer through LinkedIn, local events, and the HGS Summit in Austin as resources to help grow your business and begin to champion every moment for a future-focused tomorrow.