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QuickEntry by HGS Digital

A COVID-19 screener and mobile app for employees, supplemented by nurse agents as needed

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What is QuickEntry by HGS?

QuickEntry by HGS is a downloadable mobile app that determines an employee’s COVID-19 risk class prior to shift duty via the completion of a health status questionnaire.

A custom reporting dashboard effectively tracks employee screening results, including core KPIs:

  • Daily screenings
  • Total # daily screening failures
  • Total # screening failures by day
  • Total # daily cleared screenings
  • Symptom evolution
  • % of symptomatic employees
  • Key symptoms
  • % of employees with probable contact to COVID-19
  • % of employees who traveled outside the country in the previous 2 weeks
  • Top country visited
Image of the QuickEntry dashboard

Why is it valuable?

The QuickEntry app can quickly scan large numbers of employees simultaneously, helping to reduce the risk of exposure in the workplace. The app provides a number of other value-add features to help businesses overcome key COVID-19 challenges.

Icon of a calendar and a reminder bell

Proactive assessment
reminders and daily alerts

Icon of a user in front of a calendar

Send assessments according
to employee schedules

Icon of a group of users

Access to US-certified nurses for
service escalations

Icon of chatting on mobile phone

Automated chat function for agent support and COVID-19 related info

Icon of a report chart

Real-time management dashboard
and alerts

Icon of web content

Customizable content and design

What are some key QuickEntry results?

  • 100,000 screenings to date
  • Thousands of HGS employees use the screener daily
  • 99% of screenings have resulted in full clearance; less than 1% have resulted in instructions to stay home
  • Total time savings of over 1,000 hours projected during first four weeks of use compared to in-person screening

What does it cost?

Starting at $1 per employee per month

I’m an employee. How does it work?

Step 1: Access QuickEntry with your company info.

Launch QuickEntry

Screen view of QuickEntry step 1 - login or scen QR code

Log in or scan QR code to gain access

Screen of QuickEntry step 2 - enter passcode

Enter password to ​​​​​​​login

Screen of Quick Entry step 3 - view personal dashboard

Your personal ​​​​​​​dashboard

Step 2: Complete QuickEntry’s health screener to receive your risk category assignment.

Image of a hand holding a smart phone showing employee screening result

Employee ​​​​​​​screener.

The results are categorized in three levels: Low risk, Medium risk, High risk.

Screening result - low risk

Low risk:

You are approved for entry. The QR code linked to your employee ID enables you to scan in at work.

screening result - medium risk

Medium risk:

You are denied entry for 24 hours. You are instructed to stay home and will be monitored via automated surveys.

screening result - high risk

High risk:

You are denied entry indefinitely. A US-certified nurse agent will contact you. If care is required, you will be directed to a nearby testing site or hospital.

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