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MarketingHub digital asset management system (DAM)

Using AI and Oracle PaaS to help marketing departments manage their digital assets

Simple, must-have marketing technology

Are repetitive marketing tasks keeping you from focusing on strategy and revenue? We can help. MarketingHub is an innovative cloud solution that gives marketing departments a simple, elegant, and secure way to manage more with less.

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Digital assets

  • Instant file access for teams
  • Templates for common requests
  • Manage licensing, consent, and risk

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Business processes

  • Streamline all marketing operations
  • Manage tasks and assign staff
  • Prioritize requests

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Campaign analytics

  • Report marketing ROI
  • Measure effectiveness
  • Measure asset use and demand

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Brand identities

  • Control your brand
  • Communicate guidelines
  • Strengthen your identity
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Artificial intelligence auto-tagging

Do you have seemingly millions of photos on your computer, file server, DropBox, or SharePoint? Does it seem impossible to quickly find the right photo when you need it?

Upload all your photo assets to MarketingHub, and every image is automatically tagged to identify environments, objects, people, and even people’s facial expressions!

Without taking up your valuable time tagging each and every single image, MarketingHub allows your users to search by:

  • Person’s name, like “John Smith”
  • Mood, like “happy” or “serious”
  • Object, like “bikes” or “cats”

MarketingHub uses artificial intelligence and cognitive computing technologies to provide deep, learning-based image recognition for automatically classifying images. We are able to do object and scene detection, facial analysis, sentiment analysis, face comparison, and facial recognition.

Customer ROI


Annual cost savings

A major cancer research center and hospital had challenges posting timely content and processing thousands of requests from stakeholders. They provided instant and secure access to marketing assets and templates through MarketingHub. All requests were processed through the issue tracking and project management system. We streamlined their processes, allowing the marketing team to deliver relevant and timely content specific to their market, services, and patients.


MarketingHub is an affordable, low-cost solution with pricing based on your customization needs and the number of assets you anticipate to store in the application. Please contact us today to get a demo and immediate quote!

Yes, we can brand MarketingHub with your logo and primary brand color in about 15 minutes. No kidding!

If you can imagine it, we can probably build it! We offer a wide range of professional services for any requirements you may have outside of the core product offering.

Yes, MarketingHub is technologically agnostic. Let’s talk about your technology stack, and we can tailor our solution to fit your environment and preferred tools.

Yes, MarketingHub is built to comply and exceed your industry’s security and privacy standards.

Yes, whether you are in sales, manufacturing, healthcare, customer service, finance, or any other industry, MarketingHub is the right fit! MarketingHub helps every marketing department do more with less. Generate more revenue for your organization while consuming far, fewer resources.

Our customers tell us that for every asset a sales associate can download directly, the marketing department saves 30 minutes to 1 hour of work. The more assets you have, the more time you will save! Allowing people within an organization to create properly branded brochures or newsletters themselves using MarketingHub (for marketing approval) can save a marketing department anywhere from 4-8 weeks of work per project. Our ROI formula and results are reported real-time for you in the “Analytics” section.

MarketingHub is a turnkey cloud solution. Once we begin our engagement, the set-up, configuration, and training process proceeds extremely fast. We develop a customer success plan with you, which includes proven strategies to effectively communicate your next-level marketing services with the rest of your organization.

We offer best-in-class customer support through our renowned cross-team service. We regularly exceed customer support expectations; our Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) for customer satisfaction is 86 while our closest competitor scored only 56! You can be assured that any MarketingHub questions or issues you may have will be addressed immediately.