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Headless content management systems (CMS)

Server-less content management in the cloud for multimedia and multichannel publication

Expensive CMS upgrades are old news

A headless content management system (CMS) allows server-less content management in the cloud.

Traditional CMS systems manage all of your back-end content, code, templates, and plugins—as well as your front-end HTML pages.

Headless CMS systems keep everything intact on the back end, but adds an API to deliver your content to any channel, via any media on the front end, saving time and money in production.

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Our headless CMS can transform digital delivery

Headless CMS strategy framework

We create roadmaps for establishing CMS frameworks. A headless CMS will future-proof your builds and structure content that easily flows across APIs—ready to be published across channels.

APIs and legacy system integration

Our team of experts ensures that you have the right APIs in place to quickly retrieve content from multiple data sources and enterprise legacy application sources in real time.

Data security and compliance

Decoupled doesn’t mean your content is exposed to risk; we ensure that you adhere to industry best standards so your organizational content assets are in a secured environment.

Headless CMS benefits abound

Cost reduction

Depending on the CMS, we have saved customers 60-75% in costs from fewer licenses needed for headless CMS.

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Faster go-to-market

New features can be deployed much more rapidly. For example, marketing can immediately launch microsites without IT.

Less vendor dependency

A headless CMS provides greater freedom to rapidly adopt new technologies without vendor constraints.

Better availability and security

Your CMS can go offline with no impact to your web apps. Architecture makes it easier to secure and encrypt vulnerable areas.

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Easy to scale

Getting high demand for certain applications? Simply set up a new app server and point it to the content.

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Content team in control

Your content team has full flexibility and control to focus on accomplishing their goals without dependence on IT.

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We have helped enterprises like yours for 15+ years

Through building user-friendly websites and portals for medium- and large-scale businesses, we have established an enterprise content management center of excellence (CoE).

We bring together the right technology, subject matter expertise, and industry know-how to help clients establish CMS capabilities that drive business outcomes.

A headless CMS can transform your customer experiences

Traditional CMS

Diagram of how traditional CMS works

Headless CMS

Diagram of how headless CMS works

Decoupled CMS

Diagram of decoupled CMS

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HGS ranked number 1 for CX improvement

Analyst firm NelsonHall ranked HGS as “a leader for CX Improvement in Retail & CPG”, based on capabilities and client references.

HGS leads in CX improvement capability

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Bots&Brains™ can transform the CX

Industry experts talk about combining “man and machine” to create the next generation of CX. Hear answers to commonly asked questions.

Bots&Brains can transform the CX

Improve content management capabilities with a cloud-based CMS

HGS helped a leading global semiconductor company achieve 2.5X faster microsite go-lives and zero downtime. This growing company is now using cloud to upgrade its IT infrastructure.

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We provide end-to-end DCX services support