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Better web experiences mean more satisfied customers

A window into your sales funnel

A good web presence is the first point of contact for any person looking for information about your brand. A study conducted on user behavior says that it takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about a website that determines whether they’ll stay or leave. It is vital to have a digital presence that doesn’t just give information, but encourages purchasing, provides quick query resolutions, enables dialogue with the right channels, and improves CSAT.

At HGS, we enable digital transformations through extraordinary web sites, landing pages, and portals for businesses. These help in:

  • Dramatically increasing visibility, visits, and conversions
  • Providing smooth, frictionless web experiences
  • Bringing beautifully organized simplicity to digital assets
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Websites help consumers get the right answer fast

We employ our experience and understanding of consumer interactions to create a strategy that employs different channels and includes everything from design to metrics to delivery.

Omnichannel experiences

Websites form an integral part of the omnichannel customer experiences that HGS is proud to offer. We focus on personas and customer journeys to identify challenges and then design solutions that address those challenges with the right channels at the right time.

The partner fit

HGS helps you choose the right platforms for content management. We help you create a strategic roadmap for establishing a flawless CMS framework to future-proof your builds and to structure content that easily flows across APIs and renders beautifully across channels.

Security priority

We believe in designing and implementing the best solutions that adhere to standards and guidelines. We also commit to providing you with the best data security and data intelligence with the best technology partners.

Expensive CMS upgrades are a thing of the past

A headless content management system (headless CMS) allows you to have serverless content management in the cloud. A traditional CMS manages all of your back-end content, code, templates, and plugins as well as your front-end HTML pages. A headless CMS keeps everything intact on the back end, but adds an API to deliver your content to any channel on the front end.

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WordPress design and development services

Leverage HGS Digital’s best-in-class WordPress expertise to create user-friendly websites, portals, and landing pages for your business.

Web content management

With expertise across all major platforms and partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, and SalesForce, we can help you select and/or implement the right CMS for your organization.

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Headless CMS bridges the cross-channel chasm

The customer journey and consistent content delivery across multiple channels form the basis of today’s omnichannel content strategy. A consumer who interacts with a company on both a phone and desktop should have a unified experience. This can be a challenge for today’s digital marketing teams.

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DCX-related services

HGS Digital provides end-to-end DCX support.

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