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Mobility at the heart of digital transformation

Mobile technology in customer experience has evolved from mobile optimized-websites to static informational apps to dynamic self-service apps to finally, intelligent mobile apps. Enterprises with mature business mobility deliver significant business value, both in terms of cost and efficiency.

With a customer-centric approach to mobile application development, HGS helps organizations build next-gen mobile apps to achieve user-friendly and uninterrupted connectivity with their employees, partners, and customers. Partnering with industry-leading mobile technology providers, we impact clients in a variety of industries from retail to manufacturing and healthcare to BFSI, creating value from their mobile and IOT investments.

With a wide range of mobility solutions, data security standards, inbuilt tools, and frameworks, HGS Digital’s mobility practice supports 400+ mobile/connected devices and 50+ customer engagements across the globe.

Taking you to where your customer is, 24/7

  • Continuous connection
  • Increased data security across all devices
  • Quicker decision cycle and improved customer experience
  • Streamlined operations, reducing overall costs
  • Staying ahead of competition

Tailored solutions

HGS offers varied solutions depending on your industry and goals.


Healthcare technology is just not limited to management of patient records or call center operations. We help clients build mobile solutions that cover patient care, records management, compliance, internal operations, and clinical trials. HGS Digital partners with healthcare providers to build, operate, and optimize mobile applications in the following areas.

  • Patient enrollment apps
  • Physician community apps
  • Digital health apps
  • Hospital inventory apps
  • Clinical trial apps
Image of a young female healthcare worker in a hospital setting


Mobile technologies are driving significant operational efficiencies for the manufacturing industry. With a wide range of applications, mobility is changing the manufacturer’s approach towards product design, asset management, warehouse management, and compliance. Our integrated capabilities in augmented reality and cognitive intelligence amplify mobile performance and helps manufacturers stay relevant in the digital era. Our range of mobile applications for manufacturers include:

  • Inspection apps
  • Materials planning apps
  • Dealer apps
  • Order fulfillment apps
  • Deliveries apps
Image of a person holding a tablet device and operating on assembling line automation


Transforming customer experience is a major focus of banking, financial services, and insurance companies, as they serve digital-savvy customers. We offer mobile applications that help clients achieve process improvements, build digital products, and improve the CX. Building a truly personalized experience around mobile ecosystems, we help our banking and insurance industry clients optimize costs and time to market.

  • Insurance claim submission
  • Account onboarding
  • Personal investing apps
  • Quoting apps
  • Compliance apps
Image of a young female healthcare worker in a hospital setting

Employee Engagement

Happy employees contribute to organization’s bottom line. Having employees tailor their working environments can, too. BYOD (bring your own device) is an increasing trend where an employee can bring their own device to the work place. The advantages of BYOD are immense (e.g., increased employee satisfaction, cost savings, and enhanced employee productivity). We develop apps that enable employers to improve employee engagement, while regulating and securing key business information accessed on a diverse range of employee devices. Our team of mobility experts helps organizations design and build the right digital platforms to foster employee engagement.

Image of a group of employees chat around a table
image of a hand holding a smart phone

Elements of an enterprise mobile strategy

  1. Get buy-in and commitment from the C-suite
  2. Understand business goals and transformational drivers
  3. Perform competitive and industry assessment
  4. Assess customer and employee interactions
  5. Evaluate and prioritize business functions to be mobilized
  6. Identify IT and security requirements and constraints
  7. Finalize technology stack
  8. Define roadmap and implementation strategy
  9. Develop and deploy apps
  10. Support and enhance for future needs

Why choose HGS Digital?

Scalability and speed

Our mobility practice has a dedicated center of excellence (CoE) to efficiently navigate the roadblocks relating to mobile application development. Our expertise in middleware management, API management, and cloud enables us to deliver mobile apps with precision, speed, and scalability.

Rich partner ecosystem

We have developed a one-stop partnership ecosystem with device operating system providers, mobile application development platforms (MADP) providers, and mobile device management (MDM) providers to drive hassle-free mobility app development.

Proven expertise and success

Our mobility practice consists of qualified mobility consultants and UI and technology experts. Our mobility practice (with 30+ mobile apps developed for our global portfolio of customers) is supporting more than 400+ connected devices.

DCX-related services

HGS Digital provides end-to-end DCX support.

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