Creative & production services

Increase team productivity by outsourcing the design and creative for your next campaign, app, or website

We help you meet the ever-increasing demand for quality digital content

Consumer preferences for content have dramatically shifted to favor images and multimedia over text alone, driving the need for new assets, audience adaptations, testing variants, social media posts, or channel assets (e.g., scripts) that stress in-house resources.

Within HGS Digital is a full-service creative agency to support you as a standalone service or as part of a more fulsome suite of CX services.

We provide resourcing for defined campaigns or projects, seasonal peaks, unexpected staff shortages, and on-demand skills augmentation. We offer ad hoc digital creative and production services as well as tiered basic-, professional-, and enterprise-level packaged retainers for:

  • Social media creative and managed services
  • Digital marketing services
  • Website and search engine optimization (SEO) management
  • Creative services

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Generate leads with integrated digital marketing strategy

There are six core strategy elements that we deliver time and time again:

  • Engaging, integrated website—At the heart of digital marketing is an enterprise website developed and continually refreshed by savvy designers, web and content developers, and digital strategists; optimized using analytics; and linked with other CX channels.
  • Search engine optimization—For good SEO, you need strong writers who understand search indexing, keywords, and algorithms and web developers who understand the technical issues that influence rankings.
  • Social media marketing—Thoughtful social includes posts aligned with a content strategy. Each social platform has its own creative requirements, which necessitates numerous assets.
  • Content marketing—Great content marketing educates, entertains, connects, increases brand awareness, and builds trust with meaningful or fun imagery, videos, and copy.
  • Email marketing—Studies show that every $1 spent on email generates $38 in revenue. Build a loyal list of subscribers, develop exclusive offers or content, communicate regularly and directly, and drive solid leads.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)—PPC involves paying a publisher (e.g., Google AdWords) every time your ad is clicked. PPC includes paid search (SEM), website-native ads (promoted content, advertorials), or banners. Mixing ads and format requirements demands creative thinking.

Streamline production with creative services outsourcing

Part agency and part business process outsourcing (BPO) company, HGS Digital offers creative production, content management, digital activation, and development solutions. We offer an entire range of agency capabilities and overcome the obstacles to generating high quality assets for every channel by reducing costs, improving quality, and giving your team more time for original creative development.

Content management

  • Digital asset management
  • Digital resource deployment

Creative adaptation

  • Design engineering
  • Design content

Video services

  • Video scripting and editing
  • Aerial footage

Basic design service

  • Image editing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Presentations and reports

Web development

  • Design of websites and applications
  • Development of websites and applications

Offline creative process

  • Product labels and packaging
  • Banners and booths
  • TV, print, and radio ads

Enable your in-house creative team to do what they love

Creative work can be described in terms of tiers:

  • Tier 1, creative concept development, is the work that creative teams LOVE.
  • Tier 2, application, involves applying a concept to new deliverables and campaigns.
  • Tier 3, production, is more mechanical than creative, as it involves making edits.

Tier 2 and tier 3 require significant levels of effort but lower levels of creativity and can be easily outsourced. An estimated 71% of in-house creative hours are now spent on tier 2 and 3 work (Cella Inc.).

Our follow-the-sun approach enables you to connect faster

Marketing in the digital era is all about strategic omnichannel delivery, the ability to pivot based on data, and speed. Keeping up with an abundance of martech innovations and coming up with original content is challenging, to say the least.

Our strategic marketers, designers, martech experts, video producers, photographers, illustrators, writers, campaign managers, analysts, and web/app developers are highly experienced in all aspects of the digital CX.

Our global operational model allows us to provide principal strategic support to you onshore, all while providing cost-effective resources for more straightforward, labor-intensive production work offshore.

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Full-service creative agency

Our award-winning, global digital agency works on a retainer or project basis.

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Marketing and web technology experts

We’ll recommend only the marketing tech providers that are right for you.

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Data-driven digital marketing

Our content and campaigns are designed to be measured and optimized.

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Integrated with all your teams

We collaborate with your in-house and agency of record (AOR) teams.


Today’s complex, omnichannel digital marketing campaigns mean that talented in-house design and production resources are spending hours working on adaptations, resizes, translations, reformatting, and edits for various platforms rather than focusing on more engaging original creative development. This lower-value, adaptation work is keeping highly trained, well-paid, onshore designers from creating concepts and solving real marketing challenges. If there’s a marketing plan and solid concepts in place, the offshore HGS Digital team can help your team to execute.

Yes! We both design and deliver campaigns. HGS Digital employs a mix of onshore, offshore, experienced, and less experienced creative resources. We operate as a full-service agency and would love to design and deliver an end-to-end digital marketing strategy. Consider us as a real extension of your team—we’re willing to jump in to help in any capacity on any creative project!

The HGS Digital team headquarters are located in Chicago, but we have strategic thinkers, designers, data scientists, software engineers, and online community managers spread across the United States (e.g., Los Angeles, New York, Boston), in India (e.g., Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai), in Europe (e.g., London), and in the Philippines (e.g., Manila). An engagement may kick-off with an in-person visit to your office but most of the work is completed remotely.

A typical retainer lasts for one year and specifies working hours, volumes, access to specific skillsets/resources, and particular services/deliverables. However, we understand that clients need flexibility to remain competitive and are very open to discussing ad hoc projects and six-month retainers, especially for brand new clients.

DCX-related services

HGS Digital provides end-to-end DCX services support.

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