Digital customer experiences

The differentiation you need to succeed

The conundrum of the modern, connected customer

In the digital era, the customer stands at the center of the digital value chain. Most businesses understand that delivering the right digital customer experience (CX) is the key to winning the customer’s loyalty and driving business growth. However, for many businesses it’s still a long journey, as modern-day customers are better informed and demand more.

The connected

As a business, you are dealing with people who are online 24/7 and expect their issues to be dealt with immediately. Businesses that succeed today are those that understand this need for speed in dealing with customer queries.

The empowered

Modern customers take to social media as soon as they’re unhappy with the quality of service; their dissatisfaction is posted on the web for everyone to see. Issues are always quick to be reported compared to instances of exemplary service.

The loyalty

Data shows that 68% of consumers stopped doing business with a brand because of poor customer service. There is no stickiness to one particular brand unless there’s a clear differentiation, either in terms of offering or servicing.


Forty percent of consumers buy more from retailers that personalize the shopping experience across channels. Hyperpersonalization is the need of the hour, but businesses often forget their customers once they come on board.

Customers have gone digital. Have you?

For businesses to succeed in the digital era, it’s imperative to be present and relevant where the customer is. Depending on the stage of the business lifecycle and the nature of obstacles, HGS offers omnichannel solutions that complement your growth initiatives in the areas of marketing, advertising, and brand management. We help you choose the right strategy, create highly effective software, and create innovative business models to deliver a meaningful CX online and help your business thrive in the digital economy.

On the CX battleground, we collaborate with your business to create personalized and consistent omnichannel CXs all along the customer lifecycle journey. Our team of CX consultants, specialized in user experience design, digital marketing, and application development, will collaborate with your teams to help build next-gen digital solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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Digital CX services

HGS Digital provides end-to-end digital CX (DCX) services support.

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We create digital experiences that are woven around the customer lifecycle. This ensures digital touchpoints across their relationship with the business, so that their experience is consistent, cohesive, and comprehensive.

Would you like to know how our cognitive contact centers deliver on this promise?

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HGS Digital is at the forefront of customer service experience

HGS sets our clients apart with key differentiators – in terms of our technology, process, and support. Many of today’s transformation providers do not have customer service expertise or a strong CX knowledgebase. HGS’s differentiator is customer service expertise of nearly 50 years. In fact, an optimized CX is core to all the transformation outcomes we generate for our clients.

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Future-ready solutions

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Domain expertise

B2C expertise across domains that are ahead of the consumerism demand curve

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Platform-agnostic services

Custom-fit solutions and an approach that can work across platforms

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BPO expertise

BPO and domain experience for disruption strategy, creation, deployment, and testing

Our approach


We listen closely to your challenges and requirements, help align your C-suite around a strategic roadmap and create a prioritized plan for success.

Technology selection

We evaluate the best available technology options and make recommendations based on your precise needs.


We develop personas and user journeys, sitemaps, wireframes, and design comps to ensure a frictionless UI/UX for your digital experience.


We have full-service capabilities from front-end to back-end development to implement your selected technology efficiently, effectively, and securely.


Our data and analytics practice helps ensure you have the right insights when you need them to evaluate, assess, and improve your digital experience asset.


Our cross-functional service ensures reliable and cost-effective 24/7 support, maintenance, and updates of your digital CX.

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