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Digital customer experience strategy

Designing an experience roadmap for the digital customer

The conundrum of the modern customer

The right digital customer experience wins loyalty and drives growth. Strategic waypoints can help you navigate the needs of well informed customers.

The connected

People are online 24/7 and expect issues to be addressed immediately.

The empowered

Modern customers take to social media as soon as they’re unhappy.

The flighty

68% of customers stop buying a brand because of poor service.

The undervalued

Existing customers are often forgotten. 40% will buy more with personalized offers.

Craft meaningful customer experiences across channels

To meet growth goals, it’s imperative to be present and relevant where your customers are. We create strategies to deliver targeted experiences online, where your customers reside. Omnichannel solutions drive growth.

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Win at the strategy game

At HGS, we design digital roadmaps based on challenges, requirements, and industry best practices to future-proof your business.

Omnichannel strategy

We provide omnichannel strategies across websites, apps, chatbots, contact centers, and CMS platforms to provide a great CX.

Customer centricity

Persona identification and customer journey mapping factors what customers are thinking, feeling, and doing at each stage.

Technology partnership

A platform-agnostic approach enables smooth transformation and solves specific business problems.

Roadmap creation

A future-forward DCX stems from our domain expertise, clear priorities, flawless execution, and change management.

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At the heart of differentiated DCXs: Personas and journey maps

Taking the time to understand customer needs and map their journeys reveals pain points.

A good DCX strategy identifies personas across the stages of a customer lifecycle and provides exemplary service at all of them.

Personalization helps in customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Take time to develop a DCX strategy

  • Meet with key stakeholders
  • Identify and aggregate key issues and pain points
  • Identify the problem areas with scope for improvement and measurable metrics for success
  • Create the strategy and share with the team
  • Create a roadmap based on the strategy. including a feasibility study, technology requirements, priority setting, and tools needed
  • Draw up an execution plan for approval
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Workshop to unveil customer needs

An onsite discovery workshop can help you:

  • Understand business and marketing challenges and goals
  • Look at industry best practices and latest trends
  • Understand current customer experiences vs. desired outcomes
  • Plot organizational capabilities across a digital transformation maturity map
  • Create a high-level strategy approach for next stage of maturity
  • Identify next steps and create engagement plan

icon of personas

Looking to decode your customer requirements?

This workshop will help identify the different personas for your business services and map your customer journey to serve them better.

Icon of CMS tools

Which CMS tool suits your requirements?

This workshop focuses on defining requirements and selecting the right content management system for omnichannel publishing.

DCX-related services

We provide end-to-end DCX support.