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Social Media Monitoring & Engagement

Analyze and engage in social media conversations at scale to build brand loyalty and foster a sense of community.

Every interaction your customers have with your brand is a chance to forge a deeper connection. Take your brand closer to your audience with every meaningful engagement.

Social Strategy & Analysis

Evaluate social publishing, reach, and engagement patterns to identify areas for improvement against competitors.

Analyze website traffic patterns to gauge how social media contributes to user engagement.

Collect and analyze massive amounts of data to inform ongoing social media strategy, planning, and execution.

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Social Customer Service

Respond to customer inquiries, resolve issues, and manage complaints on social media channels in real time, at scale.

Enhance customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) by providing prompt, personal, and positive customer experiences.

Maintain a positive online reputation by measuring sentiment and engaging with audiences to build brand trust and loyalty.

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Social Response Management

Engage in social media interactions at scale to ensure timely and appropriate responses and maintain a positive brand image.

Streamline responses for common queries, especially during high-volume periods, with automation and other AI tools.

Measure response times, engagement rates, and overall sentiment in real time to maintain a positive brand reputation.

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Social Media Crisis Management

Mitigate negative events that arise on social media platforms that could harm your brand’s reputation.

Monitor social media channels for signs of emerging crises and have plans in place with pre-defined roles and actions.

Act quickly and provide accurate information with full transparency to minimize negative sentiment and maintain customer trust.

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Social Commerce

Forge a deeper connection with every interaction with your brand and increase sales.

Integrate e-commerce into your social media strategy to enhance the shopping experience and drive revenue growth.

Meet customers where they are on social media to promote and sell products and services.

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