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HGS PULSE: Critical business intelligence for modern contact centers

Use contact center analytics to reduce costs, improve the CX, and increase operational efficiency

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Data insights for smarter business decisions

Drive 40% or more improvement in reporting efficiency

HGS PULSE is an award-winning contact center analytics platform that provides a customized 360° view of your customers across channels.

By combining data sources such as workforce management, sales, and CRM, you get a single view into operational performance and customer insights.

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2020 Best in Partnership award
Cloud Computing Excellence Award
TMC CX Innovation Award 2020

PULSE by the numbers

HGS customers have seen the following results:


Reduction of manual effort


Improved agent compliance


Improved NPS® and CSAT scores


Reduction in repeat contacts


Improved customer retention

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I felt like an airplane passenger before. Now… I’m in the cockpit! I see the exact data I need when I need it.”

“I’m ecstatic about HGS PULSE. The portal is top-notch! I can get insights around product quality instantly without having to rely on others.”

“HGS PULSE helps me generate consumer insights and connects the consumer voice with the brand. The customized data stories help with making strategic, data-driven decisions.”

“HGS PULSE ingested 100% of all interactions to derive meaningful insights that led to a 25% reduction in first contact resolution (FCR). We automated QA forms and reduced manual effort by up to 40%. The associate coaching and performance management module enabled an increase in agent utilization by 15%.”

Operational analytics

Manage your agents better

Tap into your contact center’s operational performance in real-time. HGS PULSE answers critical questions about agent and team performance with accurate, real-time updates and better operational insights for making business decisions.

  • Operational metrics
  • Workforce management
  • Quality
Image composite of contact center and data prpesentation
CX Analytics

CX analytics

Reduce customer friction

Aggregated data sets let you measure your customer journey across all customer experience touch points at once, including CRM, sales, HR, and marketing.

Voice of the customer analytics

Cut through the noise with AI-powered listening

Drill down into why customers are reaching out and what they have to say. We use AI and NLP (natural language processing) to capture every customer interaction on voice, email, chat, messaging, and social media. The near-real-time nature of our technology helps mitigate non-compliance or fraud issues and proactively addresses them.

Predictive analytics

Expect the unexpected

HGS PULSE helps you predict key metrics that will impact your business and provides actionable insights and recommendations to help you move forward with confidence, improving retention and revenue.

  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer churn
  • Engine recommendations
  • Customer attribution
HGS PULSE predictive analytics

Build the right solution for your business

We customize a comprehensive analytics solution based on your specific needs and business goals. Schedule a strategic call with an expert to build the right program for you.