ChatGPT Evolution

From GPT-1 to GPT-4: A Look at the Evolution of Generative AI

ChatGPT is creating ripples in the tech industry. Not many of us know that this masterpiece was in the making since a long time. GPT-1 was introduced in 2018 and since then it has come a long way. The GPT-4 version is here to surprise us and exceed our expectations in every possible way.
Social Media Reputation Management

Social Media Reputation Management: Lessons on Brand Image

Maintaining a positive and proactive mindset goes a long way in social media reputation management. Learn how to enhance your online presence.
ChatGPT Prompts for CX Improvement

Top 8 ChatGPT Prompts for CX Improvement

ChatGPT prompts allow for conversations to flow seamlessly between generative AI and humans. Learn the top ChatGPT prompts to improve your CX.
The Benefits of Generative AI for a Superior CX

The Benefits of Generative AI

When it comes to customer service, lately, the brilliance of ChatGPT is hailed over what our human agents bring to the table. Even though ChatGPT can help to accelerate the process in many ways, it is imperative to remember that customer service mostly relies on empathetic and personalized interactions. This is why contact center agents are irreplaceable and most companies are moving ahead with an approach that involves a human + digital experience.
The future of generative AI

The Future of Generative AI: What can We Expect in the Next 5 Years?

Generative AI has the power to eliminate menial tasks and allow skilled professionals to focus on creative and strategic aspects of running a business. The next five years look promising for many industries as they are planning to go out and out to incorporate generative AI technologies for a wide range of operations.
The future of AI and predictive analytics.

The Future of AI and Predictive Analytics

The increased adoption of AI and predictive analytics across various sectors is leading to better risk assessments and improved operations. Even though, they are already revolutionizing how things are being done tech-wise, AI and predictive analytics have a lot in store for the near future.
The rise of ChatGPT: Applications and implications of conversational AI

Implications of ChatGPT and Its Role in Shaping the Future

ChatGPT is the most advanced chatbot that humans have seen till date. Will ChatGPT lessen the load on human resources or downsize the human workforce? Read along to understand its implications and applications in depth.
Using ChatGPT for better performance

Using AI for Customer Experience Insights

Professionals from different sectors are debating whether AI powered tools should be used to replace human resources or should be uprooted in every way, but the customer service industry has concluded that these tools will come in handy to improve CX.
How AI powered calls can improve customer experience?

How AI Powered Calls can Improve Customer Experience

From conversational chatbots to automated ticket creation, Artificial Intelligence has reformed customer service in a better way. With the help of AI, agents can offer personalized services to their customers leading to brand loyalty and higher numbers of customer retention.
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ChatGPT – A Social Media Warrior

Up your social media marketing game with ChatGPT. It can help you with a number of things such as creating content calendars, finding relevant keywords and hashtags, and articulating best responses for all social media platforms.