Intelligent automation is transforming the customer service industry

Intelligent Automation is Transforming the Customer Service Industry

In the past few years, the customer service industry has emerged to be a huge support system for product-based as well as service-based enterprises. Lately, our support agents have been facing flak due to incompetency in managing large volumes of requests across multiple channels. Intelligent automation can solve this problem by undertaking menial tasks that consume time and energy so that agents can focus more on the strategic aspect of a customer’s experience journey.
How AI powered calls can improve customer experience?

How AI Powered Calls can Improve Customer Experience

From conversational chatbots to automated ticket creation, Artificial Intelligence has reformed customer service in a better way. With the help of AI, agents can offer personalized services to their customers leading to brand loyalty and higher numbers of customer retention.
contact center automation

How to Ramp up VoC Programs with AI and Contact Center Automation?

AI works in conjunction with contact center automation to provide valuable insights into VoC analysis. Learn about how you can ramp up your VoC program.
Autonomous CX vs. CX Automation

What is Autonomous CX – Is it Different from CX Automation?

The customer service industry is notably progressing from adopting CX automation to autonomous CX.
LeanOps Assessment

Estimate ROI and Automation Benefits with a LeanOps Assessment

It is strongly recommended to estimate the ROI and automation benefits before implementing automation. Learn more about LeanOps Assessment.
PoC to CoE with RPA implementation

From POC to COE with RPA Implementation

How fast can an organization really move from a Proof of Concept (PoC) to an established Center of Excellence (CoE) and reap benefits from the implementation of RPA?
An internal checklist for RPA implementation

The Ultimate RPA Checklist: Key Steps for Successful Implementation

Learn about process assessment, RPA vendor selection, BCP, change management, and the other boxes you need to tick before implementing RPA.
A definitive timeline for RPA implementation

RPA Implementation: Key Stages and Definitive Timelines

RPA implementation programs can take longer than you think and depend on their complexity and other factors. Learn more about typical RPA implementation timelines.
Image of a woman having car trouble by the roadside

Winning Technology of the Year: Assisting Drivers in Distress

In recognition of our human-centric bot, Axle™, HGS has been named a winner for Technology of the Year in the 2022 Excellence in Customer Service Awards. With real-time tracking, notifications, customer reviews, and real-time engagement, Axle™ works quickly and efficiently to get stranded drivers back on the road.
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Building Better Chatbots: 7 Key Considerations

Implementing a chatbot is definitely not a once-and-done affair. Monitoring users’ evolving needs, creating a vision, iterating, and leveraging analytics ensures your chatbot reaches its maximum potential.