ChatGPT Evolution

From GPT-1 to GPT-4: A Look at the Evolution of Generative AI

ChatGPT is creating ripples in the tech industry. Not many of us know that this masterpiece was in the making since a long time. GPT-1 was introduced in 2018 and since then it has come a long way. The GPT-4 version is here to surprise us and exceed our expectations in every possible way.
6 Ways Data Analytics is Enhancing Customer Experience

6 Ways Data Analytics is Enhancing Customer Experience

Data analytics can help to enhance CX journeys by providing real-time data. Customer service teams can analyze this data and work on the areas that need improvement. Additionally, companies can use this analytical data to devise strategies that ensure personalized customer engagement and predict upcoming trends.
Enhancing CX with Experts-on-Demand

Enhancing CX with Experts-on-Demand

By hiring experts on demand, companies can gain a myriad of advantages such as flexibility in terms of scalability, zero set-up cost, punctual deliveries, quality of work, and most importantly, the freedom and skill to craft CX journeys that are personal, effective, and ensure customer retention in the long run.
Social Media Reputation Management

Social Media Reputation Management: Lessons on Brand Image

Maintaining a positive and proactive mindset goes a long way in social media reputation management. Learn how to enhance your online presence.
ChatGPT Prompts for CX Improvement

Top 8 ChatGPT Prompts for CX Improvement

ChatGPT prompts allow for conversations to flow seamlessly between generative AI and humans. Learn the top ChatGPT prompts to improve your CX.
Scaling Business Through On-Demand Expertise

Scaling Business Through On-Demand Expertise

Running a tech or IT company requires a suitable infrastructure, skilled manpower, regular maintenance, and many more things that cost money. Hiring experts on demand is a cost-effective way to meet goals and scale a business to newer heights. Read more to know how you can expand your set-up and take in more orders through on-demand expertise.
Intelligent automation is transforming the customer service industry

Intelligent Automation is Transforming the Customer Service Industry

In the past few years, the customer service industry has emerged to be a huge support system for product-based as well as service-based enterprises. Lately, our support agents have been facing flak due to incompetency in managing large volumes of requests across multiple channels. Intelligent automation can solve this problem by undertaking menial tasks that consume time and energy so that agents can focus more on the strategic aspect of a customer’s experience journey.
The Benefits of Generative AI for a Superior CX

The Benefits of Generative AI

When it comes to customer service, lately, the brilliance of ChatGPT is hailed over what our human agents bring to the table. Even though ChatGPT can help to accelerate the process in many ways, it is imperative to remember that customer service mostly relies on empathetic and personalized interactions. This is why contact center agents are irreplaceable and most companies are moving ahead with an approach that involves a human + digital experience.
Social media stacking

Does your Social Media Stack Up?

Social media stacking can be described as the body of work or content a social media user has or will post on various social media networks. It is an important social media strategy that brands and influencers use to direct new and old viewers to their bank of content on different channels.
Top questions to ask before hiring a social media agency for your business

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Agency for Your Business

The world of social media is continuously changing. Most marketing agencies have a lot on their plate and thus find it difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving norms of social media. Hence, most businesses and agencies have started to delegate their social media marketing responsibilities to an agency that showcases expertise on the same. But shortlisting an agency can be a cumbersome task as it is tough to find out whether the agency is on the same page as your agency or brand. Here are 10 important questions one should be asking to conclude whether an agency is perfect for the business/brand.