Remote working agent productivity

How to Improve Agent Productivity During Remote Working

There’s a whole new playbook being adopted with a notable focus on agent productivity in remote working and hybrid working environments.
Employee experience

5 Ways Rewarding Employee Experience Improves CX

As per research, companies that provide better employee experiences are able to deliver better CX as compared to their competitors.
gamification drives success in business

4 Innovative Ways Gamification Drives Success in Business

Gamification introduces dynamic ways to get employees excited and motivated about their work boosting productivity and ensuring they are on top of their game.
Employee attrition

Employee Attrition — Exploring the Post-pandemic Landscape

In 2020, mass layoffs, high rate of attrition, and uncertainty were still looming over the workforce across industries.

One Love, Two CX Superstars: A “Decade Duo” Reflects on 10 years of Success at HGS Jamaica

June 2022 was an exciting month for our nearshore delivery centers in the Caribbean. HGS Jamaica celebrated its 10-year anniversary, punctuated by a fun-filled party broadcasted over live video feed. The event featured two standout employees who have supported a banking client since HGS began operating on the enchanting tropical isle in 2012.
gig agent with phone laptop coffee

Vying for — and Winning — An Agent’s Time, Attention, and Loyalty in a Gig Economy

A mix of in-house and external talent with gig-style staffing models can infuse new energy and flexibility into many contact centers. However, when a gig worker has several companies demanding their time and attention, employers essentially compete for loyalty and engagement. This blog gives tips on becoming an employer of choice in the gig economy.