Scaling Business Through On-Demand Expertise

Scaling Business Through On-Demand Expertise

Running a tech or IT company requires a suitable infrastructure, skilled manpower, regular maintenance, and many more things that cost money. Hiring experts on demand is a cost-effective way to meet goals and scale a business to newer heights. Read more to know how you can expand your set-up and take in more orders through on-demand expertise.
Intelligent automation is transforming the customer service industry

Intelligent Automation is Transforming the Customer Service Industry

In the past few years, the customer service industry has emerged to be a huge support system for product-based as well as service-based enterprises. Lately, our support agents have been facing flak due to incompetency in managing large volumes of requests across multiple channels. Intelligent automation can solve this problem by undertaking menial tasks that consume time and energy so that agents can focus more on the strategic aspect of a customer’s experience journey.
Contact center agents vs. ChatGPT

Contact Center Agents vs. ChatGPT

When it comes to customer service, lately, the brilliance of ChatGPT is hailed over what our human agents bring to the table. Even though ChatGPT can help to accelerate the process in many ways, it is imperative to remember that customer service mostly relies on empathetic and personalized interactions. This is why contact center agents are irreplaceable and most companies are moving ahead with an approach that involves a human + digital experience.
The future of generative AI

The Future of Generative AI: What can We Expect in the Next 5 Years?

Generative AI has the power to eliminate menial tasks and allow skilled professionals to focus on creative and strategic aspects of running a business. The next five years look promising for many industries as they are planning to go out and out to incorporate generative AI technologies for a wide range of operations.
Importance of personalized marketing in today's era

Why is Personalized Marketing Important in Today’s Era?

When a business offers the choice of personalization to a consumer, it strengthens the brand's position in the customer’s life and ensures a pleasant vibe throughout the customer's buying journey.
Contact center vs call center blog banner

Call Center vs. Contact Center: 6 Key Differences

Most people confuse call centers and contact centers to be the same thing. In reality, call centers are part of a bigger set called contact centers.
10 actionable tips to motivate your contact center agents

10 Actionable Tips to Motivate your Contact Center Agents

Happy and motivated contact center agents help to succeed in CX across various platforms. Here are 10 actionable tips to keep them motivated in the long run.
Thought leaders HGS

Using Empathy, Understanding and Experience to Lead

We’re not into doing things just for glitz and glamour, we’ve got the size and scale to go as big as the sky allows, but we really are focused on success and getting results for our clients in a way that benefits them entirely.
Customer experience goals

The Top 5 Customer Experience Goals to set for your Business

We have put together a comprehensive list of the top customer experience goals that you can set for your business and fast-track success.