10 Important factors that guarantee customer centricity in the long run

10 Important Factors that Guarantee Customer-Centricity in the Long Run

Businesses that stick to being customer-centric under all circumstances are sure to gain more in terms of customer loyalty and revenue than their competitors. Customer centricity also holds great strategic value as it guarantees customer retention in the long run.
Social media stacking

Does your Social Media Stack Up?

Social media stacking can be described as the body of work or content a social media user has or will post on various social media networks. It is an important social media strategy that brands and influencers use to direct new and old viewers to their bank of content on different channels.
4 Important functionalities in customer engagement software

4 Important Functionalities in Customer Engagement Software

Customer engagement software is a tool that helps contact center agents fetch, track, and analyze customer behavior throughout this journey.
6 simple ways to achieve quality customer engagement

6 Simple Ways to Achieve Quality Customer Engagement

Customer engagement allows customers to interact with a brand on preferred channels for both B2B and B2C businesses, allowing for ease of communication of opinions, concerns and reviews.
Challenges of Social Media Engagement

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Challenges

Marketing comes with its own set of challenges, and social media engagement is no exception.
customer experience
Brand reputation

How to Elevate the Brand Reputation of a Business

A business requires attention across multiple facets, but when stretched too thin, brand reputation can suffer. Find out how you can build your brand image.
Adult daughter giving mother a gift

Mother’s Day Gift Personalization

Even the smallest bit of personalization drives consumer engagement, delivers greater efficiency behind marketing spend, and ultimately grows revenue. And you may already have some personalization tools in your arsenal. Personalization, for example, can help you find the perfect gift for Mom this Mother's Day.
Image of a man having coffee while browsing social media

Social Media Playbook: 7 Steps to Supercharge Social Customer Care

Whether you have 4 or 400 community managers, a consistently lively, EPIC social care program is achievable with a well developed social media playbook.