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Achieve growth and customer retention by controlling AHT and CSAT numbers

INFOGRAPHIC: Achieving Growth and Customer Retention by Controlling AHT and CSAT

Discover how HGS partnered with a leading expert in health and wellness subscriptions to reduce average handle times, boost customer satisfaction, and foster unparalleled growth in fitness, and nutrition across various geographies.
CX strategies

INFOGRAPHIC: CX Strategies to Earn Real-value Customers

Subject to the fluidity of their respective industries, most businesses continually revise their CX strategies but retain their foundational elements (loyalty, revenue, reputation, competitive advantage) that serve as a north star to consistently deliver personalized and positive interaction.
Deepening Brand Loyalty

INFOGRAPHIC: Deepening Brand Loyalty for the World’s Leading Coffeehouse Chain

The fact that brand loyalty, which involves a long-term commitment to making repeat purchases of a specific brand or service, is not determined by price makes this metric a particularly powerful catalyst for generating profit and sustaining profitability.
Migrating Workloads by Leveraging the Skills of On-demand Experts

INFOGRAPHIC: Migrating Workloads by Leveraging the Skills of On-demand Experts

HGS has enlisted over 90 specialists spanning various workstreams to strengthen the existing SAFe teams and accelerate new innovations for this American health insurance provider enterprise.
Social customer care

INFOGRAPHIC: End-to-End Social Care for a Leading Retailer

HGS collaborated with a leading social enterprise platform as well as with the client’s existing PR agency to provide the ultimate end-to-end social engagement solution.
Revitalizing customer loyalty

INFOGRAPHIC: Revitalizing Loyalty Amongst Customers with an Analytics Driven Solution

Creating and maintaining loyalty membership programs that not only reward customers but also foster long-term engagement is the key to achieve customer retention. The use of predictive analytical reports can be instrumental in the development of these loyalty programs, ultimately enhancing the CX.

INFOGRAPHIC: Accelerating the Process of Finding Backup Rental Cars

The existing system for arranging replacement cars for stranded rental car drivers was marred by inefficiencies. Recognizing the need for a change, HGS stepped in with a fully customized group messaging solution that promises to improve and fasten the process of helping rental car drivers during emergencies.
Elevating NPS with Speech Analytics

INFOGRAPHIC: Elevate NPS Scores with Speech Analytics

Read about how the advanced speech analytics-integrated solution delivered by HGS led to a significant 30% boost in the NPS metrics.

INFOGRAPHIC: Support for CSAT and Complaint Resolution for a Major Automotive Manufacturer

The industry landscape is broadening and customers have the capability to pick up their business and go elsewhere if their experience is less than desired. For a major automotive manufacturer, they wanted to tap into the expertise of HGS to build a solution that would enhance their CX and ultimately help drive customer loyalty.
Social Media Reputation Management

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media Reputation Management: Lessons on Brand Image

Maintaining a positive and proactive mindset goes a long way in social media reputation management. Learn how to enhance your online presence.