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INFOGRAPHIC: Channel Optimization Contributes to Near-Perfect Customer Survey Results

INFOGRAPHIC: Channel Optimization Contributes to Near-Perfect Customer Survey Results

HGS forged a significant partnership with the UK government to establish a comprehensive money and pension guidance service.
Cultivating B2B Loyalty for a Dental Brand

INFOGRAPHIC: Cultivating B2B Loyalty for Dental Brand

HGS reveals: Building B2B loyalty in dental with back office, field sales support, and supply chain mastery.
Drive positive sentiment on social media

INFOGRAPHIC: Driving Positive Brand Sentiment with Technology

HGS was brought in as the community management partner of the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, tasked with overseeing both national and local social media presence for the brand.
Gen AI enhances CX operations

INFOGRAPHIC: Generative AI Enhances CX Operations

Generative AI can help support divisions in multiple ways. Discover how HGS leveraged the power of AI to help a communication company optimize their customer support.
CX Buyers' Insights

INFOGRAPHIC: Data-Driven Insights from Modern CX Decision Makers

Serving top-tier, modern CX is all about achieving the balance between technology and talent by reengineering processes.
Conquering the world of modern CX

INFOGRAPHIC: Conquering The World of Modern CX

A recent survey highlights a gap in tech-talent investment within CX strategies. Explore the significance of employee experience, partnerships with industries, and more with the latest CX Buyers' Insights Report.
Cloud migration for a healthcare payer company

INFOGRAPHIC: HGS Completes Cloud Migration in 4 Weeks

HGS assisted a healthcare payer company in migrating to the cloud successfully, ensuring compliance with security and governance standards and utilizing the best tools and practices.
Office-to-home cloud solutions

INFOGRAPHIC: Swift and Hassle-free Office-to-Home Cloud Transition in Days

A U.S. electronics giant swiftly embraces remote work with the help of HGS and Twilio Flex, and achieves a seamless office-to-home cloud transition in days.
the gift of a well

INFOGRAPHIC: Digitally Transforming a Bank Through Modern CX Principles

To adapt and thrive in a highly competitive landscape, an established financial services company in the Caribbean embarked on a journey toward digital transformation.
Experts-on-Demand Drive CSAT Success for Tech Leader

INFOGRAPHIC: Experts on Demand Drives CSAT Success for Tech Leader

As part of the partnership with a multinational tech company, HGS Experts on Demand supported a variety of customer components that were designed to host short-term crowdsourced videos and marketing materials.