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Get a Grip: Prevent Slip-and-falls with AI-powered Solutions

Many manufacturers are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to provide a more reliable way to not only identify, but mitigate workplace injuries such as slip-and-falls as they occur in real time.
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Customization for your Customers: 5 Hyper-Personalization Trends

Leading brands — especially online retail — are embracing hyper-personalization, or the use of data, to provide more targeted products, services, and content to consumers. Bots, beacon technology, visual search, customer data platforms, and more can help brands improve the CX.
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Ready to Modernize your Contact Center? Assess Trends with Care

Contact center trend lists are plentiful and fleeting. How do you decide which trends make sense for your organization? This blog provides a few tools for helping to assess trends and shares one financial services company’s story in finding the best way forward.
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Become a Better Business Detective with Image Analytics

Advanced image machine learning, complemented by image analytics, can detect patterns and harvest clues from volumes of .jpg, .png, .tif, .pdf, etc. files. Image ML makes structured data, unstructured data, handwritten text, object identification, and facial recognition more widely accessible, searchable, and categorizable.
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Preparing for the Post-pandemic rise of Digital Nomadism

Work@Home concepts can be applied to keep established, high performing teams together as well as attract new employees with a desire to travel. Digital nomads have desirable traits for many employers, particularly contact center managers.
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Accelerating AI During COVID: Getting more Bang from your Bots

Understand how artificial intelligence improves customer experience during a crisis, while simultaneously empowering the workforce.
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Cognitive Contact Center: Using AI to Improve the Customer Experience

Cognitive contact centers use contact center AI technologies…