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HGS Agent X - A seamless 360-degree CX

How to Unify Disjointed CX Systems with Customer 360 Experience

A customer 360-degree view creates a unified solution for businesses by compiling all the customer touchpoints into a single profile & optimizing CX.
Chatbots: A customer experience relic

Chatbots: A Customer Experience Relic

Chatbots are evolving toward building an intelligent user-engagement hub. Read more about the latest trends and advancements in this domain.

AI Take-aways from the Zendesk “CX Trends 2022” report

While we remain agnostic when expanding customer experience (CX) technologies, it is important that we highlight the creative and new approaches in the CX tech marketspace. Zendesk recently released their customer research report,“CX Trends 2022” and interestingly these insights play on achieving more during a financial downturn by focusing on the customer, rather than taking resource and investment away from service delivery.
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Building Better Chatbots: 7 Key Considerations

Implementing a chatbot is definitely not a once-and-done affair. Monitoring users’ evolving needs, creating a vision, iterating, and leveraging analytics ensures your chatbot reaches its maximum potential.
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The DIY Era of CX: Solving with Self-help and Agent Assist

The last time you needed customer service, did you immediately…

Retail-Ready: 5 Non-voice CX Solutions to Deflect High Call Volume

Concerned retailers are feeling the impact caused by recent…
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Tech or Treat: Top Tricks for Digital Transformation

When it comes to digital transformation, it’s no wonder that…

How do I Operate Effectively in a Remote Environment?

Today's contact centers must adapt to a new remote environment to support both employees and customers.
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Why SageMaker for AI Driven Organizations

A staggering 72% of organizations that began artificial intelligence (AI) pilots before 2019 have not been able to deploy even a single application in production. And yet enterprises of all sizes confirmed that they because of COVID-19.