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Google Bard AI

What is Google Bard AI? How to Use it? Features, Use Cases, and Limitations

Similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Bard (named as a storyteller) is the latest experimental AI-powered chatbot that can respond to various queries and requests in a conversational manner.
Remote working agent productivity

How to Improve Agent Productivity During Remote Working

There’s a whole new playbook being adopted with a notable focus on agent productivity in remote working and hybrid working environments.
ChatGPT image

ChatGPT Explained: What are its Benefits and Limitations?

The latest development and buzz around ChatGPT has certainly made it a potential major player in the world of NLP. Learn more about this text-based AI tool.
contact center automation

How to Ramp up VoC Programs with AI and Contact Center Automation?

AI works in conjunction with contact center automation to provide valuable insights into VoC analysis. Learn about how you can ramp up your VoC program.
I build for the future - Episode 1

I Build for the Future – Episode 1

In this edition, we got to sit down with Raju Mahantesh, Director of Product Engineering for HGS Agent X. Based in Austin, Texas, Raju recently joined HGS with over 15 years of delivery experience.
Game-changing contact center solution

The Need for a Game-changing Contact Center Software

The right customer center software will drive sales and customer service teams and facilitate personalized and real-time conversations with customers, but it’s important to understand what’s at stake and why CX is so important.
Improve contact center productivity

8 Ways to Improve Call Center Productivity

Strong control over agent performance boosts customer engagements and business revenues. Learn how you can improve contact center productivity with HGS Agent X.

The Future of CX starts with Agent Augmentation

While personalized customer experience is possible through a traditional contact center, agent augmentation is unlocking new opportunities in the CX space.
the right approach to business innovation

Adopt the Right Approach to Business Innovation

Innovation should be considered a critical business process for one straightforward reason—value.
Employee attrition

Employee Attrition — Exploring the Post-pandemic Landscape

In 2020, mass layoffs, high rate of attrition, and uncertainty were still looming over the workforce across industries.