ChatGPT Evolution

From GPT-1 to GPT-4: A Look at the Evolution of Generative AI

ChatGPT is creating ripples in the tech industry. Not many of us know that this masterpiece was in the making since a long time. GPT-1 was introduced in 2018 and since then it has come a long way. The GPT-4 version is here to surprise us and exceed our expectations in every possible way.
The future of AI and predictive analytics.

The Future of AI and Predictive Analytics

The increased adoption of AI and predictive analytics across various sectors is leading to better risk assessments and improved operations. Even though, they are already revolutionizing how things are being done tech-wise, AI and predictive analytics have a lot in store for the near future.
Using ChatGPT for better performance

Using AI for Customer Experience Insights

Professionals from different sectors are debating whether AI powered tools should be used to replace human resources or should be uprooted in every way, but the customer service industry has concluded that these tools will come in handy to improve CX.
How AI powered calls can improve customer experience?

How AI Powered Calls can Improve Customer Experience

From conversational chatbots to automated ticket creation, Artificial Intelligence has reformed customer service in a better way. With the help of AI, agents can offer personalized services to their customers leading to brand loyalty and higher numbers of customer retention.
Benefits of AI in contact centers

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Contact Centers?

AI in contact centers solves customer issues with quick resolutions that are made possible through predictive and analytical AI software.
contact center automation

How to Ramp up VoC Programs with AI and Contact Center Automation?

AI works in conjunction with contact center automation to provide valuable insights into VoC analysis. Learn about how you can ramp up your VoC program.
I build for the future - Episode 1

I Build for the Future – Episode 1

In this edition, we got to sit down with Raju Mahantesh, Director of Product Engineering for HGS Agent X. Based in Austin, Texas, Raju recently joined HGS with over 15 years of delivery experience.
Game-changing contact center solution

The Need for a Game-changing Contact Center Software

The right customer center software will drive sales and customer service teams and facilitate personalized and real-time conversations with customers, but it’s important to understand what’s at stake and why CX is so important.
Chatbots: A customer experience relic

Chatbots: A Customer Experience Relic

Chatbots are evolving toward building an intelligent user-engagement hub. Read more about the latest trends and advancements in this domain.

AI Take-aways from the Zendesk “CX Trends 2022” report

While we remain agnostic when expanding customer experience (CX) technologies, it is important that we highlight the creative and new approaches in the CX tech marketspace. Zendesk recently released their customer research report,“CX Trends 2022” and interestingly these insights play on achieving more during a financial downturn by focusing on the customer, rather than taking resource and investment away from service delivery.